1. rain_uk

    Little Dot 2++ Tube Rolling

    Ok, its time to let you guys know my thoughts so far with these tubes.. These are the Chinese stock power tubes (Beijing 6C19-J), the Sovtek NOS distributed power tubes (Ulyanov 6C19PI), the stock Ediswan driver tubes (EF92 - CV131), the Mullard NOS driver tubes (6CQ6 MA - CV131), and...
  2. slovell

    Little Dot MK2

    Would this amp work with Denon AH-D2000 cans. I'm using a Matrix M-Stage with upgrades presently but I have a fondness for tubes. The MK2's are fairly cheap and I'm toying around with the idea of trying one. Thanks, Sam
  3. PTom

    DAC/Amp for Beyerdynamic T1

    I'm looking to get an amp/DAC for a pair of T1s I recently bought. I don't want to be spending extremely large amounts of money. I'm looking into the following (I've included the prices I can get them for in the UK):   Amps:   - O2 Epiphany Acoustcs (£77) - FiiO E9 (£100) - Matrix M Stage...
  4. BrianPeppers

    Tube amp for DT990 Pro in the $100 range?

    I'm looking for a tube amp in the $100-$150 range. I'm currently using a Schiit Magni and am finding that the pairing is not very good. The bright DT990 sounds too mechanical with the Magni. I would really like something warmer. I think that with the pairing the sound is distant and recessed.The...
  5. golgi

    DAC + old cd player = significant improvement?

    I don't have any experience with external DAC's and am just starting to learn about them.   I have an old Rotel RCD-950 cd player.  I bought it new back in 1998.  It still sounds pretty good.  But as upgraditis goes, I'm curious if adding an external DAC will offer a significant...
  6. Tomusic

    best DAC under 1000$ + question

      what is the best DAC under 1000$?   many people say that unlike amp's...DAC are not worth more then -insert $ here- because you cannot tell the that true?   thank you!
  7. mink42

    STX as a dedicated DAC with amp?

    Hi guys,   Was wondering whether it was possible for me to use my Xonar Essence STX as a dedicated Dac and then purchase an amp to drive my HD600's.   STX>Amp> HD600   This possible? Or should I really be looking at getting a proper Dac?   Was looking at getting a little dot or O2
  8. dmacg

    Little Dot 2++

    Headphone amplifier