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  1. Little Bear B4-X

    Little Bear B4-X

    The difference between B4 and B4-X: B4-X is a dual-mono balanced version. Its left and right channel are amplified by independent components, and power supply, tubes, and op amp are all independent and symmetric. So the degree of sound separation is higher than B4. B4-X adopts 2 groups of...
  2. kzzstzst

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced Right side org photo Right side changed. Compare the thickness difference between org line and kimber cable 3Hz sony mdr-x10 All cable had changed to kimber kable If you want to know the real performance of K701 ...
  3. nofacemonster

    Help me to buy a headphone amp (Want one that sounds warm)

    Hi everybody, it's been a while since i last posted a new topic. I bought a Panasonic RP-HTX7 (White) headphones according to Head-fi users recommendation and it was awesome. i've been using it to listen to music with my Samsung galaxy Grand prime 4G for a while. I loved the "Tube Timbre" option...