1. ohhgourami

    NFB-7 or Lite Dac-83

    Looking for any one of these DACs.  Must be in perfect working condition.  PM if willing to sell for good price.
  2. Szadzik

    WTB: Lite Audio DAC-83

    Lookingfor a new or used Lite Audio DAC-83.
  3. gattari

    Lite dac 83 perfect conditions

    Remember the shipping costs about 100 euro out of italy. Paypal payment
  4. Benny-x

    Lite - DAC 83 RCA Female length

    Hey guys, I've got a Lite - DAC 83 and I'm having some problems with the RCA female jacks on it.        Some background on my cables:   Digital - 1.5M BNC -> RCA with Eichmann Silver Bullet Plug Interconnects - 1M RCAs with Eichmann Bullet Plugs   The Eichmann plugs are special...
  5. Benny-x

    Lite - DAC-83 - 4x PCM-1704UK - End-game DAC [PRICE DROP including shipping]

    Hey erveryone,   looks like it's time to move and unfortunately my audio gear isn't making the trip.    Up for sale is my rare Lite DAC-83 with 4x PCM-1704UK R2R dac chips. These DACs do not come up often because of their fantastic sound and their in-limited-supply 4x PCM-1704UK DAC...
  6. smoothlondoner

    Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also. I have been considering Chinese  & Us alternatives to get more for my money. DAC@S Ive been looking at include  Schiit Gungnir Naim DAC (used) Lite DAC 83 Audio GD...
  7. Nounours

    Service Manual Lite DAC-83

    I am in the process of upgrading a Lite DAC-83, and I have seen an "unknown" circuit, which has its reference erased: it is located on the upper right corner of the attached photo:     Anyone knowing what is this circuit reference ?   More important: I am looking for the Service...
  8. Orangecrush

    Lite Dac-83 versus Audio GD Ref 7,8,9

    This looks like Lite Audio's answer to the Audio GD Reference 7,8,9.   Not much detailed info on it.   Anyone heard it?
  9. LiTe DAC 83

    LiTe DAC 83

    The latest flagship product from Lite, the DAC-83, is a sleek and powerfully faithful DAC, reinforced by four of the superior Burr Brown PCM1704UK DA chips and a truly balanced Class A design. Packaged with an external power supply unit to isolate from interference, the Lite DAC-83 accepts four...