1. imrazor

    2018 substitute for Lepai 2020 + Dayton B652

    Some years ago, a popular low budget setup was a Lepai 2020+ (or 2020A+) in combination with the Dayton B652 bookshelf speakers. For various reasons I had to pass on the combination, but I'm revisiting the idea in 2018. Apparently the "secret sauce" of the Lepai was a Tripath 2020 integrated...
  2. seanfisher5

    Advice on my first real speaker system

    Hey guys:   I've been pondering this for a while, but I have finally decided to invest in a good speaker set-up. I will be living in a suite-style dorm next year and have been looking to build a relatively cheap, but high fidelity system.   I am looking to pair the Pioneer SP-BS22 LR...
  3. Enilder

    Trying to get an upgrade from my existing speakers

    I've been specifically looking for 2.0 system for my new desktop. I currently have Z87-A motherboard and been using Creative Inspire T12. With around $100 budget, is Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers with a Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier the way to go? I happened to find a long thread while...
  4. Tallulah

    I Need Help for Choosing new Speakers!

    Hi, I'm sorry for making another thread about this issue, but I really need help and I don't have much time to invest about it. I'm looking for a pair of speakers (I think 2 is better than 2.1 for the price) for listening to music, basically. I'll use them on the computer; I don't need too...
  5. B

    Pioneer Sp-Bs22-Lr with lepai 2020a+ and later???

     Hello guy after reading a lot of advice from all guy that know alot more about audio than me :)   I decided to go with these Pioneer Sp-Bs22-Lr   At first my budget is short so im going to get the Lepai 2020a+   150$ 30$    + Tax in canada all from amazon.ca      The speaker weight...
  6. Monsters Ink

    (Noob question) Need help with the Lepai LP-2020A+ and Alesis Monitor1 MK2

    I've been powering my Alesis Monitor Ones (Passive) with the Lepai LP-2020A+ mini amplifier. I was wondering if this was okay for my speakers/amp.
  7. zzbloopzz

    Upgrading from Lepai + Dayton B652 + Polk PSW10 to better speakers/amp?

    Hello Head-Fi,   I just went with this budget setup the beginning of this year. I am super impressed with it and hardly use my headphones anymore. My current setup is:   Desktop > Fiio E17 > FiiO L7 adapter > Lepai LP-2020A+ > Polk PSW10 > Dayton B652   However, I would like to...
  8. deviations

    Lepai LP-2020A+ subwoofer question

    Currently running the Lepai with a pair of Infinity Primus P163 bookshelf speakers. I want to add the 8 inch monoprice sub for some more bass but i'm not sure how to connect it. I know I need a RCA Y adapter but don't know which one.   Do I need to get this...
  9. pkgk1

    Sony B1000 Vs Dayton B652. Powered by T-amp Lepai 2020A+

    Title pretty much says all. I have a subwoofer so the monitors bass response shouldn't be a major factor. Which do you guys think will sound better/can be driven better with this amp?  Edit: The Polk Audio Monitor 30's are in my price range, should I just buy those?  Thanks! 
  10. Audioenthused

    Lepai LP-2020 vs LP2020A+

    Good day Hifiers   So I am about to dabble in the world of amps the Lepai 2020 seems to be recommend as a cheap but fairly decent for its price range amp, I like progression so eventually I will purchase a better amp and I like to see the scale of difference in a device quality so most...
  11. quadmaniac

    Best small 2.0 speakers for use with Lepai LP-2020A Amplifier

    Hi guys,  I am buying the lepai tripath 2020 amp from amazon for about 20 bucks. I want to build a decent sounding system on a budget, and am interested to know your thoughts on my requirement -   I want to carry the amp and speakers back to India (I'm in the US for a short trip, and any...
  12. BrianEsser

    Question about Dayton B652 and LP-2020A+ Lepai

    I just ordered a set of these.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002RMPHMU/ref=ox_ya_os_product   And one of these to drive them. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0049P6OTI/ref=ox_ya_os_product   My question is, can I expect this tiny amp to drive them reasonably enough that I will...
  13. S

    Lepai 2020A+ Clip Cutoff

    So after using this amp for about a month now, I found out it has a clip cutoff. On Direct It's fairly fine, but passing the signal through the treble, and bass filters, it cuts off fairly fast. I currently have the volume at 11 o'clock, and the treble, and bass filters at 3 o'clock... I am...
  14. pjwylie

    Lepai 2020A+ amp shutting off

    I bought a Lepai 2020A+ amp a couple months ago. I have noticed that turning the bass up too high results in the amp shutting itself off then turning back on, almost like it's struggling for power. So my question is, do you think the amp is defective or the power source isn't great enough to...
  15. orangespider

    Newbie 2.0 system for ~$250... suggestions?

    Hey all, I'm trying to put together a decent sounding system for use in my home office. Ideally I want to be able to use the speakers with both my Macbook Pro, and my Audio Technica record player. I love my music and I'm a big time headphone listener, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to a...
  16. zzbloopzz

    Custom 2.1 Setup - What Cables?

    Hello,   Long story short, I must order this before midnight tonight. I plan to building my own 2.1 setup for my home PC.   Parts:   Lepai LP-2020A+ Amp Dayton Audio B652 Speakers Polk PSW10 Sub FiiO E17 AMP (will be connected to PC)   I do not have any cables at all except...
  17. JD1993

    Good ~$200 2.1 desktop speaker system?

    I am in desperate need of a 2.1 speakers system because I no longer have speakers on my computer. I'm looking for a nice pair at around $200. I'd prefer them not to be logitech because those were my last speakers and I didn't really like them. Any recommendations? Thanks.     EDIT: It has...
  18. duckz

    Can my mini amp be connected to a subwoofer?

    Hi, I'm a newbie at this stuff, and was wondering whether my Lepai amp http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0049P6OTI/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i02 could be connected to a subwoofer. I could not find a subout port on it, and hence am asking here.    I currently have a 2.1 bookshelf speaker setup...
  19. StratocasterMan

    My Very Low Budget Nearfield Desktop Rig (Lepai amp and Dayton Audio speakers)

      Back in May, I read Steve Guttenberg's article on CNET about putting together an extremely low budget desktop stereo system. The system basically consists of Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers and a Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier. The article is here:  ...
  20. itspb

    Beginner Audio System

    Just picked up Moprice 8320s after i saw the thread on this website and decided to seek your expert advice on a new system for college to put in my room. The room is about 10X18 and I don't have roommates so no worries about noise :)    I will be using my laptop(Dell XPS 15) and my phone...
  21. missleman101

    Good 2.1 Stereo system for ~$150

    I'm new to the speaker scene and I'm looking for a good 2.1 speaker set or some passive bookshelves and a amp for around $150. Just looking for something to hook up for my computer that's half decent that me and my suite mates can listen to while where in our suite.
  22. shonor6

    Best active or passive speakers for $300 (or $200 w/$100 Amp)

    Which speakers would sound better: the Audioengine A5's which are active speakers, or the passive Energy CB-5 w/this amplifier (or similar)?   I would consider other suggestions (however it wouldn't be very convenient as I'm already confused by all the options..), but they mustn't be...
  23. Nosoupforyou

    Most Cost-Effective Way to Hook Up Pioneer BS-41's to Computer

    Hullo,   I've got myself a 5.1 set of Pioneer speakers downstairs, with the rear Pioneer BS41's barely being put to use. Since I need some desktop speakers upstairs, I would like to use the BS41's as computer speakers. However, I only have onboard audio, and my video card (Radeon 4870) sends...
  24. Berimbolo

    Budget Speakers for a University Student

    Hey guys, long time reader here finally making an account haha.  I have realized I have definitely been over-abusing the all in-ear earbuds I have from the recommendations on these forums and am looking to buy some computer speakers to spare my hearing and be able to play music while chilling...
  25. Atraii

    About that LP-2020A+

    I am rather disappointed with it. I just got my LP-2020A+ in the mail today and set it up with the purpose of putting some use back into some older, (extremely) cheap speakers I had laying around. Namely a pair of  Optimus Pro AV7's and AudioSource LS100's.   I didn't have a clue how the...