1. project86

    Lear LCM-Skyline

    Budget CIEM with single dynamic driver
  2. ionite

    LEAR BD4.2 vs Shure SE846? +1 'subwoofer' or +2 Dynamic?

    As title suggests, wondering if anyone owns both pairs and can comment on how they compare. Lear Audio's BD4.2 (Custom) and Shure's SE846 (Universal) Pricepoints are similar and they both have got their special thing going for the bass. Shure's got their 'true subwoofer' driver and the BD4.2...
  3. Lear LUF-Turbo

    Lear LUF-Turbo

    To allow more people enjoy high quality earphones made in Hong Kong, we have launched the brand new dual dynamic driver in ear monitor which 100% handmade by LEAR – “The Turbo”! As it names speak for itself, there are two individual LEAR's dynamic driver unit (the 6mm unit that produces Highs...
  4. C

    Help me pick: Unique Melody, Lear or other CIEM for my needs?

    Hey guys, I am looking for my first CIEM (China/HK brand preferred) and hoping you guys could help me pick a winner. Budget: $1000 to $1200 Music I listen to: (mainly instrumentals when possible) Mainly- Dubstep, Chillstep, Hip Hop, Trance, Rap. I also like some- Metal, Punk, Rock, Oldies...
  5. lear-hk

    Introducing the LEAR LUF-BA1 universal fit in ear monitor!

    The Perfect Combination of Technology and Sound After 2 years of research on over 2,000 pairs of pinna, over 10 times of remodeling, we have finally succeeded in designing a HF&E 3D printed universal fit solution for earphones enthusiasts other than the traditional custom fit! The LEAR LUF-BA1...
  6. lear-hk

    The 2016 ver. LEAR NatroSound™ NS-U1 is now available !

                        After months of evaluating customer feedbacks, we have improved the latest NS-U1 on the following:   1- Gradient colouring of metallic black to blue/grey instead of the dual colour electroplating, for a more elegance look. 2- New canal design for...
  7. kazuhikoaikawa

    Recommendation for the best value CIEM?

    Hi, everyone this will be my first post.    I'm looking for the best value CIEM, i would like that it has well build quality and sound quality that can play all genres well.   Any CIEM manufacturer will be accepted, my budget is around $1000.   I hope you all can help me in buying my first...
  8. JeremyLaurenson

    New external (to Head-Fi) review: 24 Top-of-the-Line Custom In-Ear Monitors Reviewed

    Just came across this new set of reviews by InnerFidelity. For all those asking which IEMs to buy, seems like, for the moment, they have a winner...       They compared UE, Westone, JH Audio, Sensaphonics, Unique Melody, Heir Audio, 1964 Ears, ACS, Lear, Cosmic EarsAurisonics...
  9. MelloWatic

    Dual Dynamics and 4 BA CIEM

    Does anyone know how LEAR's new customs sounds like?   http://www.head-fi.org/t/690256/worlds-first-lear-custom-made-dual-dd-4-ba-hybrid-model-code-2d4b-has-been-successfully-created
  10. keanex

    [Review] LEAR LUF-4B, 4 driver Universals focused on the lows!

        Pros: Beautiful aesthetics, solid build, removable cable, multiple color choices, no microphonics, comfortable, excellent bass quality and quantity, excellent soundstage positioning, excellent highs. Cons: Very picky about source, lacking in tip selection, mids to upper mids can be...
  11. Kozato

    LEAR LUF-4F impressions - airy mids with great bass and treble extension through use of copper bores

    This image has been resized.Click to view original image Introduction I was given the opportunity to participate in the LEAR LUF-4F audition tour. First, I would like to talk about LEAR itself. LEAR is a Hong Kong based company, and they first started producing their own universal...
  12. svyr

    Lear BD4.2 impressions thread + Australian tour

    (as you may know) Lear have released a 4 balanced armature + 2 dynamic driver, hyrbid acrylic universal or CIEM. (hence the BD4.2 name :)) There is a lot of information here in the sponsor thread, as well as large QNA between me and lear-hk and some other people. I have to say - Lear take...
  13. lear-hk

    Earphones with customised tuning!

    Back then, people didn’t know that earphones wires can be changed. By then more wires are available, people realise there’s a lot of fun in it. Nowadays, people prefer high-end earphones with changeable wire. Revolution comes fast, here are the earphones with a tuning knob!   There are a...
  14. lear-hk

    Introducing LEAR's brand new cable ! Like and share if you want to get one for free!

    As you may not know , LEAR has been making cable since 2009 . We were also the one of the most earlier high quality handmade headphone cable maker in Hong Kong! Every of LEAR's cable/wire were specially custom manufactured and tuned for working just the best with any earphones ,headphones and...
  15. lear-hk

    (12/03 Updated) Introducing the world's first LEAR patented -NS(NatroSound) earphone technology!

    Presentation of LEAR (http://nss.lear-audio.hk ) patented -NSS(Natural Stereo Sound )earphone acoustic simulation technology. Introduce and demonstrate the difference between loudspeakers, normal earphones, and NSS enabled earphones This video will reintroduce the earphone world to you...
  16. lear-hk

    LEAR now offering the "Custom blink" service for LEAR CM/LUF series and Re-shells.

      Let's us know your idea and we make it blinks for you!   What LEAR do: http://www.head-fi.org/newsearch/?search=&advanced=1&sort=lastupdate&order=descending&type=35&createdbyuserid[]=355583   LEAR website :http://lear-eshop.com LEAR Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/LearHongKong...