1. alxw0w

    [SOLD][FS] Audeze LCD-XC SOLD

    - First owner - still on warranty - very good condition - no scratches or anything - feel free to contact - paypal fees and shipping on buyer side - price is negotiable
  2. SDBiotek

    SOLD Audeze LCD-XC with stock single-ended and balanced cables, and hard case

    I never thought I would part with these big boys, but I have mostly moved off listening with full size headphones.These were purchased from TTVJ in 2014. I believe these have bubinga wood cups. Despite their age, the headphones are in very good cosmetic condition (to be very conservative)...
  3. c0rp1


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  6. wenbinbin2010

    *SOLD* FS: Audeze LCD-XC (Limited Edition Bocote Wood)

    My journey into closed-back Audeze headphones has ended, and while I enjoyed the XC and the 2CB immensely, IEMs are more convenient for my personal use on-the-go. This particular LCD-XC has the limited edition Bocote wood cups, which look absolutely stunning. Additionally, I recently upgraded...
  7. FireLion

    LCD-XC + Dekoni Velours

    I wouldn't have made this post unless it was actually worth writing it. Closed back Audeze owners need to read this. Some say the LCD-XC is the worst Audeze, I did note that it had some harshness in the upper mids and highs. I was then reading through a post and a few members had got the Dekoni...
  8. frank1175

    Audeze LCD-XC (latest version with the new drivers, cable and headband)

    Audeze LCD-XC Creator Edition for sale. They are as good as new and were purchased in september/october 2018. They have the latest drivers and improved and more comfortable headband. This is the Creator Edition so no travelcase included. Comes with the newer braided Audeze cable and jack to...
  9. dmhenley

    CLOSED: FT: Audeze LCD-XC

    I am offering my LCD-XC up for trade - I am the second owner, and they are in very nice condition. I've got two stock balanced cables - no single-ended cable. The travel case is included. I can upload more detailed photos. Primarily looking for: Sony MDR-Z1R Fostex TH909 ZMF Eikon or others...
  10. mikewr

    [SOLD] LCD-XC + Carry Case and OG Audeze Cables- Second Owner, Fair Condition[SOLD]

    These have been sold, special thanks to the two headfiers who supported the classified below! Appreciate it! For sale is a post-2016 revision LCD-XC, manufactured on 2/15/2016. Bought this pair from another headfier with good feedback 3-4 months ago. I would say the condition is fair: there is...
  11. Chodorovski

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-XC w/ Carbon Fiber Headband - 2018 Near Mint

    Edit: SOLD, 2/2/19 Hello fellow humans, I'm selling my Audeze LCD-XC monster cans. I bought these new last fall along with the replacement Carbon Fiber headband. Important note: these were the 'Creator Package' so they don't have the pelican case. These headphones are amazing, and I am...
  12. SpyderRoll

    Audeze LCD-XC Headphones with Upgraded Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable

    Up for sale is my gently used, adult owned Audeze LCD-XC headphones that I purchased from a fellow Head-Fi'er. I purchased it due to the closed back design and used it in an office setting. It comes with the Audeze carry case and an upgraded Black Dragon cable, originally $400! Deliciously...
  13. ThePrince425

    LF: RME ADI-2

    Looking for as mentioned, the RME ADI-2 for either USD800 or trade with an LCD-XC. Do tell soon as making a decision within a couple of day’s time, thanks!
  14. ThePrince425

    Audeze LCD-XC

    Among the finest closed backs, it’s with a heavy heart to let these go. 2 years old, in good condition and comes with the original pelican case and balanced/se cables. 2 issues to note which have been factored in the price. 1) a small lacquer inconsistency that looks like a small bubble on one...
  15. SLC1966

    FS: *SOLD* Audeze LCD-XC (price drop) still with warranty

    Price Drop from $925 to $875 Mint condition. 2016 driver. No marks on any part of the Headphone. Purchased new 10/17/2016. Still one year left on warranty. Comes with Audeze case (nicer 2 compartment case), 2 cables (stock 8 ft 1/4th terminated cable and stock 8 ft XLR terminated cable)...
  16. RTF

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-XC - VG condition - 28 month warranty

    SOLD Up for sale are my Audeze LCD-XC. They still have 28 months left on the 3 year transferable warranty(purchased in January) and have seen about 50 hours of use. This is the music creator special version so they don't have the travel case. I bought these BNIB from a fellow headfier. They...
  17. SpyderRoll

    Please delete

    Please delete.
  18. Benz-Fi

    Audeze LCD-XC - Great condition (SOLD)

    I am selling my Audeze LCD-XC Closed headphones they are in great condition. These are the Mark II version which are the current models after the few changes made since the original release so identical to the ones purchased new from Audeze's online store today. Purchased in 2017 They've always...
  19. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - LCD-XC with upgrade carbon fibre suspension band

    I love these, but no longer use them. They've been sitting in the case for a while now. Mint condition..... Ships with standard cable, upgraded Q Cable (1/4 inch), upgraded carbon fiber headband and original headband.
  20. sergioalb64

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-XC

    Up for sale WERE a 2017 set of LCD XC with approx. 60 hours of use: I bought these brand new direct from Audeze (11/2017, with warranty extending to 11/2020. The unit is in like new condition (9.5/10), with no scratches or issues that I can discern. Comes with bubinga wooden cups, black leather...
  21. pegasus21

    [Closed][WTB] Audeze LCD-2 or LCD variants (Spoilt or for parts)

    I'm looking for an Audeze LCD-2 or any one of it's LCD variants that is spoilt or for parts. The main thing I want is the yoke. Having the yoke rod and headband would be a bonus. Let me know how much is your asking price. Thanks
  22. matarua

    Anywhere to get custom metal grills for Audeze LCD range?

    I own the LCD-XC and am in the process of doing a couple of things DIY style with what I can. Custom outer closed flat black cups to replace bubingas Open cut in Audeze grill shape on black perspex and brushed or dimpled Mesh outer cups aka Sennheiser HD 600 etc Only thing I think is out of...
  23. dizzyraider

    (SOLD) Lohb Strap for Audeze

    -SOLD- In very good condition, it's the version specifically for Audeze's. Definitely made it more comfortable for longer sessions :) Price includes shipping within US, Paypal gift or fee on buyer.
  24. odanovich

    All items sold!!

  25. Benz-Fi

    WTB: Audeze LCD-XC travel hard case and custom cable

    Hello, Looking to purchase a travel hard case for my LCD-XC and a custom cable, shorter and without XLR would be ideal. Can trade or purchase and pay via Paypal