1. Audeze

    LCD-X and XC Update

    Audeze LCD-X and XC Ever since the LCD-X and XC were introduced, we’ve continually refined them over the years, striving to develop the best headphones for both the studio professional and the audiophile. Some recent examples of these refinements are the headbands and ear cups. Even more...
  2. leftyman

    LCD-2 Classic to LCD-4? Are they similar enough?

    Hi, I owned LCD-2 Classic before and I really really liked how deep they sounded in addition to their warm and laid back sound signature especially together with Audeze Reveal preset. I also tried LCD-X for 2 weeks but they were too forward for what I look for and I sent them back. If LCD-2...
  3. B

    Tube Amp Ideas Roughly Around $2000

    Hello Head-Fi community! I have an RME ADI-2 FS PRO BE and am looking for a nice desktop tube amp around $2000 to power my headphones I have for Cans: Abyss Diana Phi ZMF Verite C Audeze LCD-X I am wondering what would be a good tub amp pairing to go with my DAC I am looking for something...
  4. J

    Audeze LCD-2 Classic at £550 or Audeze LCD-X at £1100?

    I currently use a pair of Sennheiser HD58X headphones and I'm looking to upgrade. In particular I'm looking for something a little airier with a slightly more open soundstage since, although I generally like the 58X sound, they are very intimate and I think they can sound, at times, quite...
  5. R

    TASCAM UH-7000 as headphone amp (or how to understand amp specs)

    Hello, audiofolk. Fisrt time posting here, and I have a doozy for you all. My interface is a TASCAM UH-7000 and My Headphones are Sennheiser HD600. The Tascam has no problem driving the HD600's, and by that I mean that I rarely have to turn the volume knob past 12 o' clock. But I never verified...
  6. sarudia

    Lavri Headphone Cable

    Selling this cable as good as new. Been only in my desk for around a year. I've sold the LCD-X and now I am selling the cable. It is very long, 4m, which is around 13 feet. Single ended, silver cable with silk sleeve until the split for the drivers. Excellent price. With taxes and fees, costed...
  7. toucan79

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-X (2018) + Case + Balanced Cable

    Reluctantly selling my Audeze LCD-X with carry / travel case, Periapt balanced cable, original 1/4" SE cable, and 1/4" to 3.5 mm adapter. These headphones are in excellent condition as they've only been used lightly. Audeze vegan pads are currently on the headphones. The original pads are also...
  8. alexl993

    FS: Audeze LCD-X **SOLD**

    Mint condition LCD-X (Non-creators edition) includes original carrying case, two stock cables (single ended and balanced) manual and warranty card. Manufactured Jan, 2017 so I believe it has the latest drivers. Asking $800 including insured shipping and paypal fees to continental U.S. or...
  9. F700

    SOLD! Audeze LCD-X, 1st gen, mint condition, +2 cables (Norne Solv-X & Forza Noir)

    Hello everyone, For sale is my pair of LCD-X, which is in a mint condition. The velours pads have slight marks of use, but nothing dramatic, really. The headphone has approx. 300 hours of use. I bought the LCD-X directly from Audeze in April 2014. It's been a while, for sure, but I have been...
  10. lagadu

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-X creator's edition

    Hello. I'm selling my Audeze LCD-X creator's package. They were bought on June the 4th 2019, receipt is included so you're still covered by warranty if it becomes necessary. All box contents: - LCD-X - Audeze 6.3mm cable (pictured) - USB pen with manual - Certificate with serial number I can...
  11. M

    Audeze LCD-X Mint(-) Condition - £675 - London, UK

    Hi all, Bought new in September from the audio shop in Ealing, London. I absolutely love these, they completely transformed my listening experience, especially with the chord mojo. Reason for selling: moving on to a van this year, so can't justify the space, going to stick to my CIEM's and...
  12. Vaiet


    Hello, For sale are my Audeze LCD-X bought at the very end of December 2018 and in my possession since the 1st of July 2019. These are the full version of LCD-X in rare black Alcantara/Vegan version with hard case, two cables (braided single-end and flat tape balanced XLR) and an adapter...
  13. SheriDublin126

    SOLD! LCD-X For sale

    Up for sale is an absolute in mint condition Audeze LCD-X pair of headphones (no pelican case). It comes with everything that originally came with the purchase: cable, usbstick, 1/4 inch adapter etc. Additionally these come with an extra headband, which you can switch back and forth with the...
  14. AudiophileAri

    Audeze LCD-X Brand New

    Audeze LCD-X Brand New - literally never even been taken out of the box. $900 plus shipping. USA only please.
  15. biglazymoose


    Looking for $850 includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees These were bought from Audeze two months ago. They are in excellent condition and work flawlessly. I love these cans but I must keep going on my audio journey. Comes with Audeze 1.9m 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable, usb with manual...
  16. c0rp1


  17. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Audeze LCD-X Sold **

    Now Blow Out Priced. This is an as new LCD-X Creator's Edition in the shipping box with all or the Audeze documentation and packing. The owners card, sound test thumb drive and the invoice . It has the standard Audeze 9 foot braided cable which is terminated in 1/8th and a 1/4 to 1/8...
  18. mightytison

    **SOLD**Audeze LCD-X Music Creators Edition

    In like new condition without white cardboard Audeze box. I am the second owner of these, but they are in perfect condition. Original owner said he had about 20 hours on them. I've added another 50 or so. they sound great, but I'm moving away from heavy models like Audeze. I will package them...
  19. AudioBear

    SOLD FS: Like New Audeze LCD-X Creator Edition

    Selling the Audeze LCD-X bought as the Music Creator offer in Feb. 2018 so they come with the headphones and one SE cable--no case or balanced cable. I have not used them very much although I really like their sound. I may be being foolish to let them go. As a consequence, I don't think there...
  20. mangler

    Audeze LCD-X + Carbon Fiber Headband and Travel Case

    Hi All, Up for sale is my late 2014 Audeze LCD-X (S/N 7455779), which I’m selling only because I prefer my MX4 and need to get down to 1 headphone. I haven’t really been able to use my headphones all that much over the last few years (which is why I can no longer justify having more than...
  21. A2029

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1 - Unicorn Edition

    If you can see this ad, then this unit its still available. Do a google search for LCD-2 Unicorn Edition to get what I mean from the title. This is a particular LCD-2 unit that sounds smoother than most others I've heard. Selling my beloved LCD2 Rev 1s. I have heard Fazor versions, both 2F and...
  22. P-Nation

    Fostex TH900MK2 DAC/Amp Suggestions

    Hey all, Finally traded my LCD-Xs for am Emerald Green TH900MK2 set. It's got the low-end and treble I've been craving. However, my Audinst HUD-MX1 is seemingly too sterile and shallow for the cans. I'm looking to upgrade. I'm okay with any combo dac/amp units, but open to separate DAC/amps...
  23. amsync

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-X - rarely used, incl. all original items (e.g. cable/carry case)

    The headphones are sold. Thank you! For sale is a mint rarely used Audeze LCD-X headphone purchased in the summer of 2017. The headphone includes all the original items: - Audeze carry case - Unopened warranty card and USB - Stock cable The headphones have been used only sporadically since...
  24. JoeDoe

    LNIB Audeze LCD-X - $OLD

    Selling an all-but-new pair of the LCD-X's. They're the creator edition, which means they have the nice suspension strap, braided cable, and cardboard box rather than case. Absolutely pristine - pads are full and un-compressed! Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  25. A

    WTS: Audeze LCD-X with ImpactAudio cable Comes with original balanced and Impact Audio custom cables. Working perfectly, need to sell because i need the money for important stuff. Earcups and pads are in perfect state, the replaceable headband has a minor cosmetic detail but otherwise they are perfect...