1. alxw0w

    [Found][WTB] Audeze LCD-4

    Hello I'm looking for Audeze LCD-4. Must be in mint/very good condition. Units with warranty are welcomed. Any price offer will be considered. Europe only. Cheers
  2. Guacamolly

    SOLD // Audeze LCD4 200ohm 2019 // SOLD

    Ship from canada! Will trade for HiFiman HE1000se only! I am selling my lcd-4 because it's to heavy for me. Warranty is good for the drivers until February 2022, confirmed with audeze I bought it as an open box from There is a minor imperfection in between the post and the...
  3. SammYyYyY

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-4 in mint condition w/ brand new drivers

    Looking to sell my Audeze LCD-4 with brand new drivers and therefore a 3-year transferable warranty. Original cable and white gloves will be included. Will be shipped in the original shipping box. Looking for $2,150 shipped within the US. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks!
  4. nunovpc

    WTB Audeze LCD-4

    Looking for an LCD4 with warranty left. I can go up to 2150 USD or 1950 euros for a good unit. Please send me PM. Thanks to all of u
  5. mt-hifidelity

    SOLD. Mint Audeze LCD-4

    This LCD-4 headphone was opened to test a few months ago and is otherwise unused. Includes Audeze case, 1/4" cable, and white gloves for handling. Also available, 5' Silver Dragon balanced 2.5mm cable for the LCD series. $2550 - LCD-4 (usually $3999 new) $180 - Silver Dragon ($465 new)...
  6. wenbinbin2010

    *TRADED* FS/FT: Audeze LCD-i4

    I received these LCD-i4 back in a trade, but I already have a full-sized LCD-4, so I'm looking to sell to someone who can appreciate these technological marvels as a daily driver! These are labeled B-stock, but as close to brand new as you could ever get. Box was still sealed when I received...
  7. wenbinbin2010

    *SOLD* FS/FT: Audeze LCD-4 (Warranty through 2022!)

    I recently acquired a pair of Abyss headphones and those will be my keepers for now. I am the first owner for these, purchased in June 2019 from an authorized dealer, so they still have almost the full 3-year warranty left on them (hugely importantly in my mind given the history of Audeze driver...
  8. A2029

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1 - Unicorn Edition

    If you can see this ad, then this unit its still available. Do a google search for LCD-2 Unicorn Edition to get what I mean from the title. This is a particular LCD-2 unit that sounds smoother than most others I've heard. Selling my beloved LCD2 Rev 1s. I have heard Fazor versions, both 2F and...
  9. Mike Dias

    Recording Engineer Kevin Becka on Making Hits with Focal, Audeze, & Ultimate Ears

    Recording Engineers & Their Audio Gear (This article originally ran at Domo.Audio. It's the first in a new series about Recording Engineers & Their Audio Gear. The entire article is republished below for the enjoyment of the community. If you want to learn more about Kevin Becka and his body of...
  10. electrathecat

    FS: Audeze LCD4 (200 Ohm) in fine condition at dirt-cheap price! SOLD

    As a furloughed federal government worker, I have the need at this point to winnow my stable of excess equipment AND finally have the time to do so, so my loss is your gain. I take pretty immaculate care of my stuff, and I'll be selling a lot of it in the near future so be on the lookout! Up...
  11. HK_sends

    SOLD - Audeze LCD-4 Headphones

    SOLD! - For sale is a pair of Audeze LCD-4 Headphones purchased August of 2017 (Warranty is transferable). They are in excellent (9.5 of 10) condition and have been well cared for. I replaced the yoke rods with Audeze's extended rods but will include the originals. The case and all...
  12. ThePrince425

    Trade: HE-1000 V2 for Utopia / LCD-4 / SR-009

    I've the wonderful Hifiman HE-1000 V2, but in an exploratory mood for other TOTL headphones. Full set and looking to trade with possibly the Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD-4 or Stax SR-009. Also open to other options, so do hit me up. Where necessary, i'm willing to top up cash and/or fork out for...
  13. CANiSLAYu

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-4

    Up for sale is a used pair of Audeze LCD-4 with ebony cups in good used condition. I’m sad to see these go, but I have an 8 month old son and I never get to listen anymore, so I’d rather they find a good home that will get some use (parting with my whole setup and moving to something more...
  14. erik701

    [SOLD] SimAudio Moon 430HA with SR Blue Fuses upgrade

    I'm selling my Moon 430HA with 2x Synergistic Research Blue fuses installed (2 x 140€), latest and greatest fuse from Synergistic Research. Moon 430HA has fully balanced design.One of the most universal, neutral sounding solid state amps on the market. It's very powerful (up to 8 Watts to 50Ω)...
  15. Mediahound

    [SOLD] LCD4 / 4z Premium Braided Cable from Audeze - single ended

    This is brand new (it came with my LCD-4z). Audeze sels it for $599. + shipping: asking $550. OBO This cable works on any Audeze LCD series headphones including the LCD-4, LCD-4z, LCD-3, LCD-X, MX4, XC...
  16. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-4 COCOBOLO (200 ohm)

    Up for sale is a pair of unique Audeze LCD-4's (200 ohm) with Cocobolo wood rings. Audeze stopped making them a while ago in Cocobolo and this set is absolutely gorgeous. This pair was also made by the engineering team, not the from the normal production line. Get them while you can! These are...
  17. Àedhàn Cassiel

    [WTT] LCD-3F *OR* LCD-4 for Stax

    Both in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition. No real issues to speak of besides a couple tiny chips on the 4. The LCD-3 was an open box from Adorama a year ago, and the LCD-4 was just acquired in a trade with Jozurr. If you want clearer pictures of anything in particular, feel free to ask and I’ll be...
  18. ptolemy2k6

    ****sold*** Nordost Heimdall 2 Cable for Audeze LCD-3 or Focal Utopia

    I got these 2 in a trade for a tube cd player while ago and ended up never using them. Both are still sealed in original shrink wrap. Audeze cable is good for LCD-2 series and other for Focal Utopia (lemo connectors) I am asking $450 per cable shipped in USA. thank you
  19. C

    Amplifier Recommendations for LCD-4

    I just bought a pair of LCD-4 and I'm looking for an amp below 2500 USD to drive it. I like the sound of Well's Enigma/Headtrip, but now I want to go for speaker amps. The DAC I'm currently using is PS Directstream. Any suggestions for a integrated amp / power amp with XLR inputs? Integrated amp...
  20. willsw

    Sold: Cables for Audeze LCD, ZMF, Etc.

    Cables for any headphone using mini-XLR connectors. These were experimental cables so they're discounted. 1. 6' long cable sleeved with techflex up to the split and softer multifilament sleeving (like paracord) after the split. Made using 2-channel snake cable with OFC, trying it as an...
  21. Elluzion

    WTB: Audeze Carbon Headband

    Looking for an Audeze carbon fiber headband. Please PM me if you have one you are looking to sell :) Thank you!
  22. BombayTheIndian

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-4 Headphones, Mint 200ohm Ebony Wood Version

    ***SOLD*** I have a mint pair of Audeze LCD-4s I'm selling. These are 200ohm, 2017-manufactured versions of the LCD-4 units (more reliable, fixed failure issues from the original 100ohm versions). Very lightly used, very lightly handled, and a conservative 9/10 rating. The serial number is...
  23. llamaluv

    [CLOSED] LCD-MX4 for sale or trade for HE1000v2, LCD-4 or...

    [TRADED. CLOSED.] Only two months old and in near-flawless condition; all original packaging and material (case, 1/4" cable, etc); still has 34 months left on warranty, will supply invoice. I really like these things, but am still exploring various high-end cans and am interested in trading...
  24. pegasus21

    [Closed][WTB] Audeze LCD-2 or LCD variants (Spoilt or for parts)

    I'm looking for an Audeze LCD-2 or any one of it's LCD variants that is spoilt or for parts. The main thing I want is the yoke. Having the yoke rod and headband would be a bonus. Let me know how much is your asking price. Thanks
  25. Naim.F.C

    Zeos Sound Demo comparisons (MDR-Z1R, LCD-4, Elear, EL-8C, M1060, L700, L300, M40x)

    So I was browsing Zeos (YouTube reviewer) vids and sound demos when I noticed a bunch of his sound demo's feature the same tracks being tested across a range different headphones. Whilst far from scientific, accurate, or indicative of the real thing, it was super interesting comparing the...