1. Dan Fuentes

    f/s Loaded audeze LCD-2 Classic Headphone w/ Norne Draug-3 Balanced cable, Carbon Fiber Headband, New Dekoni Elite Pads LCD-2C

    Here is a very well taken care of pair of Audeze LCD-2 Classic headphones. Original 1st owner, about 2 years old, purchased direct from Audeze. Just replaced original pads with Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Pads (+80). Has Audeze Carbon Fiber headband (+200). Custom Norne Audio 4-Pin XLR Draug-3 5ft...
  2. mkarikom

    [sold] Audeze LCD-2 with 10' Forza Copper Series HPC Mk2 Cable

    All items are original except the upgraded cable. This unit generally in excellent condition, with a few small cosmetic imperfections in the enamel and rings (see last four pics in full gallery, imigur post: A few important features: 1) These have the current 2020...
  3. Lamb-Audio

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-2 (Shedua/Leather) + Extra Cable

    I'm selling these Audeze LCD-2 headphones (with Fazor) in near-mint condition with beautiful shedua wood and leather pads. Comes in the original travel case with the original cable, plus an additional upgraded single-ended cable from Audeze ($150 value). They sound perfect and look like they're...
  4. Lunatique

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 (original 1st gen Rev.1)

    I'm selling my Audeze LCD-2 because I downgrading my rig a bit. This is the original first generation rev.1 LCD-2, which some people consider the best iteration of the LCD-2 line of products in terms of sonic characteristics. It is in very good condition and have been kept in a non-smoking...
  5. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-2.2 Pre-Fazor Rosewood

    Up for sale is a Audeze LCD-2.2 planar magnetic headphone with rosewood rings. These were produced in July of 2013, which makes them a pre-fazor model. Still one of my favorite sounding headphones, these are "classics" to say the least. In particular I feel this unit is an exemplary example of...
  6. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-2.15 Pre-Fazor Rosewood

    For sale is a rare pair of Audeze LCD-2.15 planar magnetic headphones with rosewood rings. Why are these considered 2.15 you ask? They have the updated drivers and headband of the 2.2 model, but have the original wooden connectors of the 2.1. Essentially these were produced when transitioning to...
  7. Random Gear

    Random Gear

  8. U2Edge

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-2 2.2F Fazor (2016) Open Back Headphones

    Selling my used but like new Audeze LCD-2 over-the-hear open back planar magnetic audiophile headphones. $550. I'll cover PP fees and insurance, but I'll ask you to cover S&H. Free local pickup and demos available. Lightly adult used a handful of times and stored in the hard pelican storage...
  9. Rozenberg

    [EU] Audeze LCD-2F Aluminium

    Selling my Audeze LCD-2F with aluminium housing. Bought by the first owner in early 2018 and I've owned it for around a year, 6 months of which saw not much use of the headphones because too busy. It is in very good working condition with very minimum sight of blemish. Pads are still good as...
  10. sampsun


    Hey guys. Selling my LCD-2C. Great condition, no cosmetic damage anywhere. Audibly superb, sounds as good as new, never had a single issue with it. More Pics : The only physical issue at all I’m aware of is that the right adjustment yolk is a little... looser...
  11. Torac

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-2F

    I am the original owner and I bought this headphone in 2018 from Audio-T. I am selling due to the lack of use it gets nowadays. It has been kept in flawless condition, comes with the original pelican case, certificate of authenticity, cable, leather pads, Lohb strap, and a third party cloth...
  12. dizzyraider

    Audeze LCD2-Closed w/Lampskin Headband

    Up for sale is a pair of LCD2-Closed with Audeze lampskin leather headband in very good condition. They are under warranty until 11/30/2021. This is a really great sounding closed planar if you are looking for the planar sound in a closed package. Comes with the Audeze braided 6.5mm single...
  13. Josh.33

    Conductor V2+ or CMA400i

    Long story short I been trying to get a CMA400i used to try out to replace my Deckard. Since that plan isn't working I'm either grabbing a new CMA400i or a used Conductor V2+ Both are $800. Looking for a recommendation. I have LCD-2s and SVS Ultra bookshelfs being amped by a Emotiva A-300...
  14. wenbinbin2010

    *SOLD* FS: Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back

    When I first put these on and listened to them, I was shocked. Soundstage and imaging was nothing like I expected out of a closed-back headphone. I was even considering sell off my TOTL headphones and just settling with the LCD-2CB. In the end, I'm still choosing to hold onto my LCD-4 for now...
  15. jurumal

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back

    Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back for SOLD. Unit is in perfect working condition and great cosmetic condition. LCD-2 CB has the old-style Audeze headband installed but comes with the updated headband style and vegan headband. Includes 1/4-inch braided cable. Need to let this gem go to make up the...
  16. jim723

    SOLD - For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood Pre-Fazor

    SOLD Here is my LCD-2 for sale. These are the rosewood pre-Fazor version from late 2013. I am not the original owner. They are in great overall condition with the very little signs of wear. The lambskin leather ear pads are soft and lush although there is a small tear on the inside of the...
  17. A2029

    FS: Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1 - Unicorn Edition

    If you can see this ad, then this unit its still available. Do a google search for LCD-2 Unicorn Edition to get what I mean from the title. This is a particular LCD-2 unit that sounds smoother than most others I've heard. Selling my beloved LCD2 Rev 1s. I have heard Fazor versions, both 2F and...
  18. ChorusofAngels

    LCD-2 2016 Fazor [SOLD]

    I'm looking to sell my LCD-2 Fazor with bamboo wood and vegan microsuede pads. Personally, I preferred the microsuede as it was softer and not as sweaty. The headphones are pristine aside from minor dust on the pads. There are no real cosmetic imperfections that I can see. Cable is in good...
  19. jaker782

    *SOLD*: Audeze LCD-2 (2016 Fazor) + Balanced Cable + Dekoni Pads

    I am selling my LCD-2F (2016 Fazor) headphones, which are in good condition. I purchased them in the classifieds recently and have only put a few hours on them. They sound great, I am only selling to help fund another purchase. I will also include a balanced 4-pin XLR cable as well as a new...
  20. lamaslamas

    Focal Clear vs LCD-3?

    Hi guys, If you had to choose, would you get the Clear (with a complementary LCD2C I already own), or the LCD-3 (and get rid of the lcd2c)? Or maybe both :) ? I love the Lcd2 bass and sound signature, but I'm tempted to upgrade, would it be worth in your opinion in terms of soundstage and...
  21. fnsnyc


    I bought this pair of LCD-2 headphones from an authorized dealer. They were taken out of the box to show a customer and put back in the box. They were never registered for warranty and you will get the full warranty. I used them for about an hour, but decided to use my LCD-3's instead. They are...
  22. ChavaC

    Audeze LCD-2.2 Non-fazor Bamboo

    Selling a pair of Audeze LCD-2.2's. Picked these up from another user about 1-2 years ago after getting rid of LCD-3F's that were too bright. I think I've used them less than 3 hours since. Non-fazored and bamboo (which is wonderfully light compared to rosewood audeze phones). They sound...
  23. ptolemy2k6

    ***sold*** Audeze OEM LCD-3 (and others) Vegan Leather-Free Earpads (new)

    I got these a few years ago, They are brand new, OEM Audeze Vegan Leather-Free Earpads. I believe they are discontinued now and hard to find too. Should work for lcd series but specifically named for LCD-3, so keep that in mind asking $70 shipped in CONusa. elsewhere, please PM me
  24. mkarikom

    [SOLD] LCD-2 Aluminum

    Great condition, old style headband, newest fazor revision. Might be willing to do a partial trade for an Aeon Flow Closed, or a heavily discounted Ether Flow C
  25. Audeze

    Audeze Livestream on Amazon @ 2:30 pm Aug 31st.

    Tune into our first Audeze Podcast on Amazon TODAY 8/31 at 2:30 pm PST as our panel give an insider's view into our award-winning LCD2 Classic and LCD2 Closed-Back headphones! --> Our team will discuss the differences between our signature open and closed back sound...