1. Dan Lee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD @davesa was kind enough to point out to me that my original asking price was higher than the going rate. I am recently unemployed and am selling the best dac I've ever owned. $3300 OTD I will cover shipping and fees. I've estimated shipping to be around $100 because of size...
  2. BunnyNamedCraig

    Lampizator Amber III Impressions

    Hi friends, Lampizator came out with the Amber III DAC and it has been floating around to Headfi’ers on a small tour. Here is a light description of the Amber III from headfi’er @Gopher who is a Lampizator rep who reached out to us on the tour- “The newest DAC from Lampizator that we start...
  3. vvar10ck

    [WTB/WTT] Lampizator USB Transport (Converter)

    Want to buy or want to trade Audiobyte Hydra Z (+some PP cash) for Lampizator USB Transport (Converter, not Server at Logitech platform). Any propositions welcome. 220VAC preffered, but 115VAC is good too! Thanks for your time!