1. Cross Lambda Direction Neo

    Cross Lambda Direction Neo

  2. martin778

    Stax 404/407 suitable glue for fixing the dust covers and units

    I've bit the bullet and bought a 404/006 Stax set but as expected, the glue of the earpads turned into a sticky goo and the ESL units came loose inside the case. This is actually the second time I see this happening, the previous set were the Lambda Nova Basics a few years ago. Back then I...
  3. aminus

    SOLD: Stax SR-Lambda

    Selling a vintage Stax SR-Lambda Pro from the 80's. Item was purchased earlier this year from Japan and is in perfect condition. Used infrequently in a smoke free home. Does not come with box. Selling as I don't use it often enough. Comes with free HPS-2 stand and CPC-1 plastic cover.
  4. aminus

    SOLD: Stax SR-L700

    Selling my Stax SR-L700 purchased from Japan earlier this year. Used infrequently in a smoke free home. Selling it as I don’t use it often enough. Pads have been modded with double sided tape for better bass extension, this is reversible if you don’t want it. Comes with free HPS-2 stand and...
  5. themusiccat

    [SOLD] Stax SRS-3100 (L300 + SRM-252s) and US Voltage Converter

    Hello all, up for sale is unfortunately one of my favorite headphone (systems) I've ever owned. I prefer these even to the L700 and HD800. Unfortunately I need a main listening setup that is transportable so, along with others, these have to go. Price is $550 USD + Shipping. Smoke-free home and...
  6. Dan Lee

    [SOLD] STAX SR-L700

    I bought these a month or two ago brand new just out of sheer curiosity about electrostatic headphones and wasn't expecting much from them. Well I immediately regret my decision to do that upon first listen. At a price point of $1475 new this was one of the best things I had heard to date if...
  7. SteakWay

    The Original Stax SR-Lambda (Normal Bias) w/ SRD-7, Great Condition!

    What I'm selling here is the cream of the crop of vintage Stax earspeakers, the original Lambdas. These were manufactured from 1979-1982. Because of this, they can be quite hard to find, especially in great condition. Along with the Stax, I have a mint condition SRD-7. These headphones are the...
  8. SteakWay

    Stax Original Normal Bias SR-Lambdas w/ SRD-7 Energizer SOLD

    Up for sale is my pair of the original Stax SR-Lambda’s. These are the normal, 6-pin bias. They come with an SB SRD-7 energizer which connects to the speaker output of an amplifier. Stax are known for having a slight channel imbalance, and these are unfortunately no exception. The left...
  9. Ojisan

    Excellent condition Stax SRS-3100 system with L700 pads/AC adapter

    Hesitantly for sale is my Stax SRS-3100 with additional L700 pads and a 120V AC adapter. I love the simplicity and the superb sound of this set but upgraded to L700, so looking for a good home. I'm the original owner, purchased in Japan March 2017 from Yodobashi, I would estimate < 200hrs use...
  10. Peter_S

    [FS] STAX SR-404LE (Price Reduced)

    Many people feel that the SR-404LE's are the best sounding Lamdas. Only 1000 were made. Very good condition. $500 plus shipping and paypal fees. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks, Peter
  11. Bloos

    STAX SRM-D10 Portable Driver Unit - Impressions and News

    Hey guys, please share any impressions and updates about this exciting upcoming portable STAX driver! (I don't feel like searching through all the STAX forums in the future for this info :confounded:, just so it's all in one place).
  12. Thenewguy007

    SOLD: Stax SR-L700 Earspeakers

    SOLD for $975 Selling a lightly used Stax L700 in excellent condition with all he original packaging & materials. Free shipping within the continental U.S.
  13. karmazynowy


  14. RiddleyWalker

    [Closed] WTB: Stax SR-Lambda (normal bias)

    Hi folks, Longshot but looking for somebody willing to sell a pair of Lambda normal bias headphones. Looking for one in decent condition with no mechanical issues. Thanks! *Edit - I have found a seller. Thanks!
  15. willsw

    Stax Lambda Nova Signature

    From my now discontinued idea that I would only have a small vintage electrostatic setup. Stax Lambda Pro - $SOLD Bought from a local guy who does a lot of electrostatic repair - they're in great condition and sound great too. Great all around. The Lambda Pro is a really nice moment in Stax...
  16. almoskosz

    Stax L-300 vs Monoprice M1060

    Hi, help me to choose! I know, they are really different, but I am switching from an HE-400i and can't decide. Both are about the same price (with amp and dac). I'd like to go with the L-300, but I fear it doesn't have enough bass (at least 400i quantity). As for the M1060, after listening to...
  17. all999