1. Cross Lambda Apollo GB

    Cross Lambda Apollo GB

  2. Cross Lambda Direction Neo

    Cross Lambda Direction Neo

  3. martin778

    Stax 404/407 suitable glue for fixing the dust covers and units

    I've bit the bullet and bought a 404/006 Stax set but as expected, the glue of the earpads turned into a sticky goo and the ESL units came loose inside the case. This is actually the second time I see this happening, the previous set were the Lambda Nova Basics a few years ago. Back then I...
  4. Bloos

    STAX SRM-D10 Portable Driver Unit - Impressions and News

    Hey guys, please share any impressions and updates about this exciting upcoming portable STAX driver! (I don't feel like searching through all the STAX forums in the future for this info :confounded:, just so it's all in one place).
  5. almoskosz

    Stax L-300 vs Monoprice M1060

    Hi, help me to choose! I know, they are really different, but I am switching from an HE-400i and can't decide. Both are about the same price (with amp and dac). I'd like to go with the L-300, but I fear it doesn't have enough bass (at least 400i quantity). As for the M1060, after listening to...