1. jayatno10

    What's the best after market cable to use with Senn 650's?

    Any advice on this gratefully received. Using Sennheiser HD650 with Lake people G 103 balanced amp. 
  2. R Giskard

    AKG K701 solid-state amp recommendation up to 300 Euro

    Hi folks!   AKG K701 is a very popular headphone in the community and there are a number of amplifiers that work well with it. I just haven't been able to locate all of them in this part of Europe. I have selectd the following as possible contenders:   Lake People G103 Lake People G105...
  3. tangential

    Neutral sounding amp <$600 USD for DT880 600 OHM

    I'm looking for a neutral sounding amp for some music tracking and mixing.  I am aware of the issues with using headphones for this purpose, but sadly, I live in an apartment with thin walls and really don't have the luxury of using studio monitors right now.   Please correct me if I'm...
  4. FnordSC

    Use amp with M-Audio Profire 610?

    Hi All,    I have just recently started researching an amp to get for my set up, but I am a complete newbie in this field. I currently have the M-Audio Profire 610, but I am starting to think it's not quite powerful enough on its own, specially since I will soon upgrade my headphones (most...
  5. exhornet

    Budget full-size amp for Q701

    Hi. I am in phase of research for my next system. The headphone will be Q701. But i am frustrated about powering section. I listen music %80 from my mobile phone and %20 from my computer. They are in different rooms. I listen while working on desk with mobile phone. So i couldn't decide to buy...
  6. GreenYodaEars

    Fiio e10 too small for Hifiman HE-400?

    Hello Head-fiers! I need your help with an amplification problem I have. I recently purchased a pair of Hifiman HE-400, which i really like a lot. But I can't shake the feeling that the feeling that my Fiio e10 amp just isn't allowing them to fulfill their true potential. May that be true...
  7. devhen

    Lake People G109 / G103 thread

    Hey guys. Post your reviews/thoughts/comparisons of the Lake People G109 and G103 here.   Thanks!     Lake People G109 There are two versions, the only difference being the inputs:   G109-S Unbalanced RCA inputs only ~ $450 USD G109-P Unbalanced RCA inputs and Balanced XLR inputs ~ $500...
  8. Poetic

    Best amp for hifiman he-400 under 350$.

    I'm currently using the dacport lx along with the fiio e9. I was wondering what amp would pair well with the DACport Lx + hifiman he-400
  9. Lake People Phone-Amp G103-P

    Lake People Phone-Amp G103-P

    The G103-P was developped with the target to enable good transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones. Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the G103-P fulfils more than basic demands...