1. Steve999

    Koss KTX Pro 1s

    Hello all -- I was at a Borders book store the other day and noticed the Koss KTX Pro 1s. They look like an update (if not upgrade?) to the old KTX Pros. They had much prettier colors and looked more comfortable than the old KTX Pros. The specs made it look like they have the Koss KSC-35...
  2. stevodotorg

    Portable setup.. Should I get the Koss KSC75?

    Right now for my portable setup I am using 5G Ipod > little dot micro+ > Sony MDR-G051 .. for a photo of the Sony headphones.. http://images.google.com/images?clie...-8&sa=N&tab=wi Has anyone else used these Sony headphones before? They are pretty portable and I am actually quite surprised in...
  3. Jim McC

    Koss KTX Pro 1

    What do you guys think of this headphone? Does it sound similar to the KSC75?   Thanks.
  4. Koss KTX PRO1

    Koss KTX PRO1

    Koss KTX PRO1 - Headphones - on-ear