1. Hisoundfi

    DGS100 Appreciation thread. The game changing budget-fi two-way hybrid universal IEM

    DGS100 Reviewed 9-9-14 by Hisoundfi. Updated 11-9-14   Here is a link to Penonaudio's page where you can obtain specifications and purchase.   http://penonaudio.com/BGVP-DGS100   Now that I've taken the shortest route on that, let's chat for a minute   First, let me give you my...
  2. Podtweaker

    Korg MR-1: Can this be used as a portable player?

    I occasionally see mention of this minature recorder being used as a portable player. I've gone on the website to take a look at it & I can't see how you would transfer music files to it unless you recorded them yourself. Is this the extent of it's capabilities to be used as a portable player or...
  3. AwesomeJason

    Mic recommendations for Korg MR-1

    Hi Guys,   I'm looking for some mics that would be suitable for binaural recordings to work with the Korg MR-1.   Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on good quality low noise mics that are small enough to fit in a binaural head?   Cheers
  4. Korg MR-1 Professional Mobile Recorder - Digital voice recorder - HDD 20 GB - MP3

    Korg MR-1 Professional Mobile Recorder - Digital voice recorder - HDD 20 GB - MP3

    The hand-held MR-1 provides high quality 1-bit/2.8 MHz recording and playback in a shirt-pocket portable package that is perfect for location recording, broadcast journalism, podcasting, live music performances - even for rehearsals and song-writing sessions.By recording in 1-bit/2.8 MHz format...