1. JMRmat95

    AKG K495 Bowers & Wilkins p7 & Klipsch Status Headphones.

    I recently decided to buy a pair of new headphones as i'm not a student anymore and have a bit of cash to spend.      I had narrowed it down to the Bowers & Wilkins p7's after looking around everywhere for headphones on the internet and i was quite happy with what i heard and the price.  I...
  2. phillyd

    Thoughts on Klipsch Status headphones?

    I love my Klipsch Image Ones, but I'm looking for an upgrade. I realized Klipsch has a new over-ear option, the Status. They look nice IMO, but does anyone know how they sound?
  3. Edric Li

    About Best Bass headphones...

    I own sz2000, xb1000, Beats Pro, ATH-ws99, Klipsch Status, JBL S700, and I just want to say that sz2000 is not the bassiest, nor the best sounding among all of these. Is there any possibility to rewrite the wiki about this topic?
  4. Unkerwill

    Klipsch Status Headphone

    Hi   Are there any music lovers using Klipsch Status Headphone? Care to share some of your opinions or comments?
  5. Klipsch Status Black Headphone

    Klipsch Status Black Headphone

    Perfected with pristine yet virtually indestructible materials and fine leather accents for unsurpassed comfort, we have packed over six decades of technology and acoustic prowess into the Klipsch STATUS so you can have the style you demand with the sound you deserve.