1. firebert05

    Any suggestions for a noise-isolating earphone?

    I recently got a job that involves a large amount of travel (flying) and I would like a set of earphones to block out the noise around me and that fit snug and comfortable.   I'm looking to spend under $100, and have been looking at the Shure SE115 and Klipsch S4, but im open to anything...
  2. Junior2oo

    Stuck between two earphones, need help

    Hello, I'm stuck between two earphones that are regarded apparently as the best for under $100 The Klipsch Image S4 Earphones and Denon AHC560R Earphones I'm a bit new to hi-end audio (been using those crappy apple earphones) and decided try whats out there, which one do you...
  3. Moonwalker1982

    Good alternative for Monsters Beat by Dr.Dre Tour?(and a few questions)

    Hey guys, i got a question.   Recently i tried out the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre , Tour version. I tried it on my Iriver H10 , Ipod Touch, and Sony laptop. And i loved them, i tried out alot of Michael Jackson songs and some rap, and i absolutely loved the bass at the start of 'Smooth...
  4. Wallmott

    Looking for an upgrade from my Klpisch Image S4

    Hello!   I have used a pair of Klipsch Image S4 for about a year now and i have been pretty happy with them. A few weeks ago i started to have some problems with the cable and now one of the speakers wont work at all. So im looking for a new pair of earphones.   I really enjoyed the...
  5. lifeisbeautiful

    Nice in ear headphones less than $75

    Hi all- I'm looking for nice in ear headphones less than $75 (US). These are my requirements: 1. Will be used 25% of the time while running. (So, nice fit is important). 2. Should *not* be boomy. I would like it clear and detailed across the lows/mids/highs.   I mostly listen to music...
  6. jacobap100

    Upgrade From Klipsch S4i

    Help Me I am deciding on buying the ibeats,turbines,diddybeats, or tour beats. I have had the klipsch s4i for 1 and a half years and was wondering which buds i should get. I use a iphone to play music.
  7. Bazirker

    Klipsch oval-shaped tips...what angle?

    I bought some Klipsch oval-shaped double flanges to try on my Atrios, and I *think* they're going to work out really well, but I've got one small problem...which is that I can't figure out what angle the oval is suppose to be at!  I've been trying different angles in an attempt to figure out...
  8. caliskimmer

    Best earphones under 400 for recording?

    Hi, I used to do a lot of mixing and recording until I ran out of ideas. I got back into it recently after I discovered how to properly use Ultrabeat in Logic Pro and I got a new idea in my head. Here's the deal though, I've been using Audio-Technica ATH M50s to record, but I soon realized I...
  9. sdhobbs

    Earsonics SM3 for small ears?

    I'm really wanting to try these IEM's but I'm worried that they may be uncomfortable for me.  I've never tried IEM's that actually sit inside the ear.  I have Monster Turbine pro golds, I've had Klipsch S4's.  Both are comfortable but they stick out of the ear so no problem.  Looking at the...
  10. chnsawBrutality

    Looking to upgrade my RE0s; I need more bass.

    Pretty much I want to upgrade my RE0s.  They sound good with the metal I listen to, but when I switch to hip-hop or anything else I literally feel bored.  I want something that thumps and is fun to listen to; just a little more lively than the RE0s.  I mostly listen to metal and hip-hop, but...
  11. ads1107

    Fake Klipsch s2 around?

    Hi all looking to buy a pair of Klipsch s2, or s2m to be more precise! I was gonna go the s4/s4i, but since i want a mic and the s4i arent compatible with my soon to be sony ericsson x10, here i am looking at the s2m. anyway, are there any fakes floating about? im looking at buying from...
  12. Bubbacritz

    Iems for 300ish

    Alright so i currently have been looking for some iem's to use with my droid x while im at school and walking. I listen to mostly Electro, Dnb, Dubstep, Nu-rave, etc but i do listen to a decent amount of indie and alternative. I need them to be pretty sound isolating and i can't have them leak...
  13. xHawky

    PC Gaming earphones? (Brainwavz M3?)

    I've been through the range of headphones I can buy for PC use, which isn't a large range since I'm limited on buying sources. So I'm pretty much limiting this thread to just these pairs of earphones: *HiFiMan RE0 *Shure SE102 *Vsonic R02Pro2 *Klipsch Image S4 I listen to pretty much...
  14. lebomb

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    ..............digitally remastered "Little Wing" sounds amazing on the S4s.  I think Im a lil moist now.  LOL  
  15. mahlerfan999

    Looking for headphones that swivel flat

    I love my Sennheiser hd650, boy it would be cool if I could take them with me.  But they won't fit in my laptop case.   You know what?  My M-Audio Q40 headphones can collapse but do not swivel flat, and again don't fit in my laptop case.  And in fact, I have only one that does fit--...
  16. hkmix

    Upgrade to mid-end...

    Yes, I know, this seems like a silly first post to make, but trust me, I've lurked for a long while, and I've been stockpiling potential next-buys. Anyway, for Christmas my father has allowed me to spend $200-250 CAD on a set of headphones, and of course, I don't want to be leaping into...
  17. McChickenz

    Audio-Technica ATHCK7 vs. Klipsh S4

    Hi everyone,   I already have the ATH M50's from Audio Technica and love those cans to death.     That being said, I want a pair of portable earbuds--for the forumites who have both of these, which one do you prefer?  I'm leaning to the A-T's just because I've had nothing but excellence...
  18. moppy89

    Klipsch Image S4 Vs Soundmagic PL-50

    Hey, I'm looking to get some new earphones after my Klipsch Custom 2s gave out on me (after just one year!) and since I'm getting a full refund on them, I wanted to try something else that hopefully will last longer.  I've been looking around and found that the current one to get is the Image...
  19. Cycle10s

    IE7 Sensitivity/Loudness?

    How sensitive/loud are the IE7's? Their 16 ohm resistance and 120 dB SPL lead me to believe that they are quite loud.   Can anyone comment on how loud they are compared to other IEMs such as the Klipsch S4 or Custom series? Also, does anyone know whether using an in-line volume control or...
  20. soldiersixteen

    Need help finding earphones

    Hello,   I have shorlisted these earphones: Etymotic MC5 Klipsch Image S4 Panasonic HJE900     which one should i get?   or are all three good choices?   I am mainly rap/hip hop/rock listener. My budget is around 55pounds($100).   If you have any other...
  21. nekromantik

    IEM Choice Help

    Hi I been looking around and people seem to be saying the MEElectronics M6 are best bang for buck IEM for electronic music. Do you guys think I should just stick with them or spend a bit extra (£20 more) and go for the Klipsch S4s? Would there be much improvement considering I want a bit...
  22. archer004

    Klipsch S4 or Brainwavz M2 --- which is more forgiving on the source?

    Thinking about purchasing one of them.More inclined towards purchasing the S4 because of the comfort factor.But one thing i am worried about is that i have a few low bit rate music(128kbps).Not many but nevertheless, a collection that i listen to often.Now from the reviews it seems that the S4’s...
  23. jensenks

    New IEM 40-80. For traveling

    Hi   I'm looking to buy some new IEMs. I listen to all kinds of music, and I'll be using them with my Nexus One Smartphone.   Overall sound and comfort are my preferences (They will mostly be used while traveling)   I've been looking at these candidates:   Klipsch Image S4...
  24. DangerBrown

    most "fun" IEMs for under $200?

    hey internet, what are the most fun, musical IEMs for below $200? I listen to mostly hip hop and electronic music. Sorry for the kinda vague descriptors, I'm new to all this. I just want something... bassy? dynamic? So far I've mostly been looking at the Monster Turbines and the Panasonic...
  25. TheDreamthinker

    Sennheiser ie7 vs Klipsch s4

    Hi,   First of all, I know that they are both not in the same pricerange.   Can somebody compare the not regarding the price?     Thanks