1. sulkoudai

    Best in ear headphones for bass??

    Hi, this is my first thread on Head Fi And I was looking for best in ear headphones with thumping bass. Right now I have Bose IE (no, didn't buy it my self, my cousin did), v moda vibe (which I bought for 20 bucks on EBay) and soundmagic pl30 I am willing to spend about 80 bucks on it...
  2. Navybsn

    IEM recommendation with a twist

    Hi guys. I am in need of a good IEM on a $50 - 100 budget. I mainly listen to Progressive Rock/Metal (Rush, Opeth), Jazz (Winton Marsalis, Miles Davis) and Classical. I am currently using JVC Marshmellows for IEM's. Output is only from a 4th gen iPhone (no amp). Here's the catch, I am currently...
  3. killerfrenzi

    CKS70, S4, or Turbines

    I think I pretty much narrowed it down to these 3 since they're all within my budget. I don't know which one I should get. any suggestions?
  4. SikkNazty

    Rockford Fosgate Punch Plugs vs Monster Turbine Pro.... MORE!

    I currently have some Sennheiser CX500's and they're pretty nice, but I need something with a bit more OOMPH on the bass side. I've made a couple of selections. I mainly listen to Dubstep/Rock/Metal/Deathmetal. Just let me know which one you think would be best for me please! :)   Rockford...
  5. Vikingatheart

    Is this what everyone has been talking about?

    I was wondering if these are the same things as the original Image S4s. The Enhanced Bass thing is worrying me.   http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-IMAGE-S4-Noise-Isolating-Headphones/dp/B001V9LPT4/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1292631612&sr=1-1
  6. alastor2004

    UK - Shure E2C Replacements

    Firstly, great website here and hope you guys can lend me a hand.   The wire insulation on my 2 year old Shure E2Cs has finally started cracking and coming away over the ears so I'm looking for some decent replacement IEMs. I am happy with the sound quality of the E2Cs but would prefer a...
  7. crowKAKAWWW

    Bass difference Klipsch Image s4 vs Senn HD595?

    Hey have HD595s coming in soon and I've heard about it's lack of bass. I am coming from Klipsch s4s IEMS that have pretty strong bass, and was wondering is there anyone that has experience with both that can give me a comparison of the bass between the two?
  8. stan2

    Klipsch S4 or Nox Scout? recommendations?

    friend is zeroing in on one of these two so far.  Any suggestions one way or the other?  Anyone tried both? 
  9. thebigham

    Looking for a pair of IEM

    Hi guys, I'm going to be commuting to school 4 hours everyday day in public transportations. I'm looking for a good pair of IEM under a $100. I'm currently using the Klipsch S4. It's great, but it's just not for me. I like its comfort and design, but there's simply too much bass for my taste. It...
  10. dweaver

    So I found headphone nirvana now if I can just do the same from an IEM perspective.

    I have been using the SM3 for the past 6 months and have a pair of MTPC as well. I have also tried Senn IE8, and many mid level ($100 range IEMs) as well as $30-70 ones.   I also have been experimenting with fullsize headphones over the past year. I thought I was done with fullsize though...
  11. Guff

    Sorry for this one again, but Soundmagic pl30 or m9?

    Hey   Sorry to be making another thread on this. I searched on it and found a couple, but unfortunately I was left with more questions.   I'm looking for a set of IEMs, at about 30$. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, a lot of acoustic, and 90s pop rock (Third eye blind, nine days, etc.)...
  12. Sirilius

    Need help on new IEM , around £100

    Hi!   Been checking out this forum for a while now and still am unable to settle on what IEM to get. I will be using it with my iPhone, so would prefer ones with mic and controls. I listen to quite a variety of music but mainly Dubstep, D&B, rnb and hip hop.   I recently got the hf2 but...
  13. downdurnst

    Replacing Etymotic HF2's, Need Advice

    I'm looking to replace my worn out Etymotic HF2's, and was looking for some advice.  I won them in a contest a couple of years ago, and have been spoiled by how great they are (they were my first higher end pair of earphones).  But now they are worn out after some hard use (kids getting to them...
  14. hcu5

    CX400 II VS Klipsch S4

    Hi!, i was wondering which of the two is better? I've owned a pair of CX300II and they we're great.. Hows Klipsch S4 compared to CX400II (or Cx300II) i like bass btw. I listen to everything.
  15. gurpswu

    HELP :( :s

    Headphone history Rubbish iPod headphones Sennheiser CX300 Precision II CX400 Precision II's Sennheiser HD201     So, the last pair of headphones I had were the CX400's which I bought for around £30. I lost them.   I gave my CX300's to my sister. So basically, the only...
  16. MarkyMark87

    For All Past and Present Shure SRH750DJ Headphone Owners

    So I've been in an extensive hunt for a perfect set of headphones for my self (you can see my the few threads I've started or commented on).  Although I originally considered the Beats By Dre Studio, it is now a thing of the past as I don't want to spend more than $150 on headphones anymore.  So...
  17. killerfrenzi

    choosing an in-ear

    hey guys, I need help choosing an in-ear obviously. I was thinking about getting klipsch s4s but right now I found some ue superfi3 for $35, but I'm not sure if they're right for me. and my friend earlier pointed out I should get in-ears that fit flush with my ear. my budget is at max around...
  18. Marximus

    First foray into earphones costing more than $15 (initial impressions of the Klipsch Image S4).

    Well, that's technically not true, because I bought some Sonys several years ago, but I wasn't satisfied with them (in retrospect, probably a bad seal), and returned them soon thereafter.  But this is the first decent pair I've bought since I've gotten into highish-end personal audio.  I've...
  19. yossi_s1

    70$ IEM's, looking for a very specific sound signature

    Hi, So the left side on my sony EX-51 died, such a shame, i really liked them. I moded my 51 to to improve the SQ and suit my style better, i sealed the holes until i got the result i wanted on the low end and replaced the paper cover on the tip. SQ wasn't a strong point of the 51's...
  20. hypermaniac

    iem for hip-hop?

    well earlier i bought the audeo phonak 022 and tried them on. they're great and all, love how clear it is, but i want something with a little bit more bass (i'd like to feel the thump in the music). Is there anything thats basically the audeo 022 but with more punchier/impact bass? i've read the...
  21. Peruvian96

    Klipsch Image S4?

    I've been thinking about buying this IEM for quite a while now. I've heard great reviews on them, but also some bad ones. Both sides contradict each other. one says that the sound is warm and nice, while the other side says that the klipsch image s4 have a harsh sound, especially in the treble...
  22. mammoth1981

    please recommend me some in ears for less than £80

    Hi   I've read a few threads recommending different earphones, and because of that I have a few in mind. But I'd rather not say what they are because I don't want to influence potential recommendations in replies to this thread. I hope that makes sense...   Basically my girlfriend needs...
  23. loremipsum

    Help with choosing IEMs

    Hello Head-Fi. This will be my first time posting here. I'm sort of new to choosing proper headphones (as in, before I always just bought $20 dollar things at the drugstore), but I've narrowed down my choices a little bit. I'd prefer to keep the prices less than $75 if possible, but I can be a...
  24. Rankiz

    Klipsich Image S4 or Re-Zero

    I love my Sennheiser HD 595 so I would like detailed with much soundstage. But I belive both have this. Re-Zero must be imported from England, but Klipsich Image s4 is to be found in my country. Will be used with my iPhone and other portable devices.
  25. Junior2oo

    Stuck between two earphones, help needed?

    Hello, I'm stuck between two earphones that are regarded apparently as the best for under $100   The Klipsch Image S4 Earphones and Denon AHC560R Earphones   I'm a bit new to hi-end audio (been using those crappy apple earphones) and decided try whats out there, which one do you guys...