1. DTKZ

    Kicker EB141 Earbuds

    Does anyone have experience with these earbuds from a company named Kicker? EB141 Earbuds | KICKER Kicker seems to be a company that specializes in car audio and the EB141 have 14mm drivers which might indicate that they will turn out to be bassy earphones.
  2. UriAvitan

    new here :) need some help for IEM,,,,is there something great as the klipsch s4 at the same price range?

    i need it for my iphoe and my ipad,,,,,i hear all kind of music and will use them for movies on my ipad as well. comfort is importent as sound. i`m willing to pay around 50-60$ Regards, Uri
  3. hojomojo96

    Detachable Cables

    Are what I'm looking for in my next IEM's.   I have Kicker eb141's, Metro Fi 220's, and Super.Fi 5's. As far as sound signature goes, I'm open to almost anything that has a good sound QUALITY. The only catch: the IEM's must have detachable cables, and preferably be under $50.   I have...
  4. hojomojo96

    [Review] Kicker eb141

    So, the kickers came in today, November 9, 2010, at 5:47 PM Eastern time. Here’s my PRE BURN-IN review:   Packaging: Quite nice packaging, a paper box, flimsy plastic surrounding the headphones. Very good looking, and it serves its purpose. Nothing special here. 4/5   Build Quality...
  5. hojomojo96

    My Kicker eb141's come in today!

    My friends are excited for Black Ops: I'm excited for IEM's.   I'll post an out-of-box review later, and then an after burn-in review. I'm not too experienced, so please excuse anything I miss in the review: just ask about it, and I'll fix it right away.
  6. hojomojo96

    Anyone got the Kicker Eb141's?

    Opinions? I bought them, just wondering what everyone else thought? Are they a good starting point for an audiophile new to the game, my first SERIOUS set of IEM's?
  7. Kicker EB141 Advanced In-Ear Monitors (Blue)

    Kicker EB141 Advanced In-Ear Monitors (Blue)

    EB141 advanced, full-range in-ear monitors create an optimal seal, funneling pure sound into the ear canal and enhancing the listening experience without raising the volume to compensate for external noise. They come with 14-millimeter speakers with strong neodymium magnets for a max output of...