SOLD: SP1000M Gold, Original Packaging + Accessories

    For sale is an Astell&Kern SP1000M Gold originally purchased new from an authorized dealer in April of 2019. Included is all of the original packaging: wooden box, USB cable/packaging (unused), plastic microSD protector, initial protective film covering with MQS info, warranty information, one...
  2. aaf evo

    [WTS] - Astell Kern Ultima SP2000 SS *MINT w/ Dignis case*

    Need to sell this for now to put some funds towards a CIEM purchase. Will more than likely rebuy in the future. The DAP is in mint condition, I am the original owner. It comes with all original packaging and accessories as well as the black Dignis Alcantara case ($130 value). There are no dings...
  3. O

    [SOLD] Astell & Kern SP1000 Copper [Price Drop]

    AK SP1000 copper version in mint condition Used screen protector from day one with the case. All accessories and wooden box included. Will post pictures tonight.
  4. anuvid

    Astell & Kern A&Norma SR15 Syncing playlists

    I previously used Mediamonkey to synchronise playlists created on Mediamonkey on my PC to an AK70 and also my Samsung Galaxy and formerly my iphone. No problems. Got a new SR15 and whilst it says it is copying the files and playlists, the playlists appear but are empty. Seem to be 4 options...
  5. floydfan33

    FOR SALE or TRADE: Hiby R6 Pro DAP Google Play International Version Excellent with Leather Case

    SOLD his is my excellent condition Hiby R6 Pro Includes: - Hiby R6 Pro in excellent condition with all original packaging and accessories. - Leather Case in original box. - installed tempered glass screen protector (installed day 1) plus 2 additional tempered glass screen protectors...
  6. Number9redreD

    (SOLD) Astell & Kern SP1000ss

    PP FEES & SHIPPING INCL. For sale i have my beautiful SP1K. Condition is in almost-new. As shown in the pictures below, there are a few tiny scratches around the SD card port, and a slight crack in the front glass protecter. It comes with all accessories minus the sd card opener (i will...
  7. jim723

    (SOLD) F/S - Astell& Kern AK70 Misty Mint - Excellent

    SOLD I have for sale is the Astell&Kern AK70 Misty Mint, 64GB Hi-Res DAP. This unit is in excellent condition. I am the second owner. Here is the product page about the AK70. The box and all factory accessories (including the unused screen saver) are...
  8. aaf evo

    [FS] - Astell Kern SP1000M Lapis Blue

    For sale is a mint condition SP1000 M Lapis Blue. It comes with all original packaging and accessories, as well as the plastic screen protector applied perfectly to the front and back of the device. PM me :)
  9. M

    AK SR15 or second hand AK240/320?

    Hi everyone, Love this community, opinions please!? Trying to decide between a new Astell and Kern SR15 or a second hand other model, some great deals to be had. But like the fast and intuitive interface on the SR15, but want as much storage as possible, and Dual DAC balanced output. Will...
  10. aaf evo

    [WTB] - Astell Kern Ultima SP1000

    Looking to purchase one of these in mint condition with all original packaging and accessories. No scratches on the body or screen :) Preferably SS or Cu but I’ll comsider any version. PM me with offers! Potentially looking to trade an iBasso DX200Ti also.
  11. propaganda

    [FS] Astell & Kern AK300 [Price drop]

    - Barely used. In mint condition. Without blemishes or signs of use (see photos). Perfect working condition. - It comes with: Original leather case (never been used so it's new) ALL original box, accesories, docs, screen and back protectors,... Price including shipping to Europe.
  12. Nikolay Vutov

    AMP/DAC for Astell & Kern iRiver AT2000

    Hello guys! (bad english over here.. sorry!) I'm new here and I need your advice. Before some days i decide to replace my "AKG K321" with the "Astell & Kern iRiver AT2000". They cost me around 50$ because of the black friday but their real price is around 100$ so I thing they are good choice...
  13. songmic

    SOLD: Astell&Kern AK Jr

    Hi, I'm selling my AK Jr. It has been used for approx. one and a half year. It has always been used with the A&K official carrying case (sold separately for $40 each), and also has a screen protection film (also sold separately) attached to the front screen and back. The protection films could...
  14. ninjasquirrel

    Astell & Kern AK300 *PRICE CUT*

    For sale is my AK300, message me for any inquiries. I will not reply to any comments on the post itself. Thanks.
  15. Dingding123


  16. Dingding123

    Prestine condition AK Kann

  17. irrefleumas

    For Sale JH Angie II very mint

    Hi, im going to sell my JH AK Full Metal Jacket Angie II very mint, no dent or scratch. Been using it for 6 months. Comes with all accessories, box, all silicone tips, wax tool, screw and a pair of comply (1 pair is used) and 2 cables (se and balanced). Asking price $900 Already shipping fee...