1. Liszt

    Closed Headphones for Classical music?

    Hello, just made an account. I have been lurking for a couple of days.   I am looking to buy a pair of headphones that:   1) Cost around $100-300. 2) Are comfy for studying. 3) Don't bleed much if at all. (do any closed headphones bleed?)   I will be using them primarily at...
  2. KazeNg

    With $700, what should I buy?

    Hi everyone, can you guys help me decide a combo of headphone with amp/dac with the budget of $700? Most of the time I listen to J-Pop and classical music. A little bit rock sometimes, but not much. I like something that is detailed and has good imaging. Thanks.   Edit: my source is the...
  3. Jabse

    <$500 immersive AIRY/transparent open headphones for trance, VETERANS please help

    I have an e17  + (z2300 amp) so I can get good volume but nothing EXTREME so it would be nice if the hp's you recommend me don't need EXTREME amping, but mention them anyway   I'll be upgrading from my current sony xb700, i like their sound signature quite a lot so i'm basically looking for...
  4. Lumpiersorz

    Replacement for AH-D2000

    So my D2k broke on me and since they are discontinued I need to find a good replacement. Which headphone out there in the 300 dollar price range come close to these cans?
  5. nangryo

    Kenwood KH-K1000 replacement/compatible pad

    Did anyone could point out where could I buy replacement pad for it, because the pad is start to deterioting. I already try to google it but can't find any.   Or maybe you could show me compatible replacement pad taht I could use. As long as it won't changing the sound it's allright  ...
  6. Scheisskopf

    Big, comfy closed headphones under $150

    Any recommendations? I've tried the Sony MDR V6 and Creative Aurvana Live, and found them too tight/uncomfortable. My main priorities are 1) low clamping force, 2) large/very large ear cups, 3) thick padding, and 4) excellent comfort for long usage. I'm basically looking for a closed version of...
  7. Kenwood KH-K1000

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    Kenwood KH-K1000