1. im0watching0you

    Just getting into higher end headphones and know nothing. Looking for around the ear at 250$-320$

    Got a pair of Bose AE2 headphones for my birthday an then learned that Bose is overpriced. So, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. I just use an iPod touch and Walkman for my music. I listen several hours a day primarily just at home but in the car also. It's almost all music. Enough so...
  2. NewSound86

    Help and suggestionns required...

    Hi, so I currently have a set of Sennheiser HD 518's which I use for watching movies with and they're powered by a Fiio E11 amp and i'm quite pleased with the setup but I was thinking about investing in another set of headphones and was considering the HD598 and wanted to know what the...
  3. Zoysa

    The quest for the ideal headphone!!

    Hello!   Firstly, let me just say what a great community we've got here! I have been doing research for the past week about what kind of headphone is right for me, and Head-Fi has always provided me with the best insight! I've read so much stuff about each of the headphones I am about to...
  4. sebastianlow

    Advise on headphones and setup please?

    Im an average 14 year old student, my Shure SE215 got stolen a few days ago in school and I have a $2000(USD) budget on a new computer after my exams. I plan to use some of that money to get my new headphones, my new motherboard (Asus Maximus V) has like this awesome onboard audio with like the...
  5. Rocksounds18

    Are grados the best headphones for rock music? Will i need a headphone amp to reach there full potential our will i be fine with my ipod touch?

    I dont know much about headphone amps or even these nice headphones since this will be my first time purchasing one. Can someone please fill me up to date on the best headphones(closed or open) for rock music like alterbridge, creed, shinedown, digital summer, stereoside, etc. Also when i do buy...
  6. skaar545

    Penny for your thoughts? Closed, Full-sized for Acoustic/Instrumental/Classical with ~$300 budget.

    Hey guys,   I did some more research after posting in the recommendations thread a while back. Thought creating this thread would make it easier to follow.  I'm having a hard time finding a pair for my needs and don't really know what kind of 'sound signature' I enjoy. Want something fun...
  7. TickleMeElmo

    Best $400 Cans?

    I currently own a set of Denon ADH-1100's but the plastic attaching the cups to the headbands are breaking. I'm thinking of using this as an excuse to buy something a little nicer. Is the HE-400 the best choice for about $400? I listen to a good variety of music from classical, rock to metal and...
  8. ryanwessel

    $500 for new headphones - advice needed plz!

    for the past year ive been using Sennheiser EH-250 - a cheap pair. I use them for making music, producing. so hearing all of the sound is very important. Accuracy and quality is must. but i also want some bass booming. I'm fairly sure i can get some very quality headphones (over ear) for 500...
  9. Anhydro

    $500 or so Budget for Upgrade HT Headphones

    I'm looking to upgrade my HT headphones.  I have some Sennheiser wireless headphones, but am planning to go with wired headphones. I would appreciate any recommendations.  Thanks!
  10. iJimmy

    Good, bassy (but not too much) headphone for ~ 250 euros?

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a bassy headphone, but the mids and highs should be good as well. You could say that I'm looking for an almost neutral headphone, with a bit of focus on the bass. Something like the Miles Davis Tribute IEMs, but in a headphone (and with slightly better mids and...
  11. O

    Taking my music to the next level (Help)

    Hello audiofiles,  I am a newcomer to your community and find myself in need of some guidance and wisdom from the masses at Head-Fi. I have just recently thrown down the shackles of apple earbuds and purchased my first quality pair of headphones and earbuds. I bought a pair of Phillips uptowns...
  12. derbigpr

    Ultrasone HFi 2400 review

    This is my first pair of Ultrasone headphones, and I have to say, I am impressed.   Excellent pair of headphones from top to bottom, great value, some really awesome unique features, and no deal-breaking faults. I will compare them with some of my other headphones which I feel are in the...
  13. nwguy

    Sealed Cans

    Hey, I'm a new head-fier and I have a question.    I have a pair of Grado 125i's, which I love the sound of for rock and other music, but I am looking for some sealed cans, and I was wondering what my best option would be in the ~300 USD range.   I have been looking at the AKG 550's and...
  14. AudioWave

    Searching for headphones with good bass.

    Hello I'm wondering what headphones to buy. My budget is £300 ($470) They will be used on my PC with a Asus Xonar Essence STX  Soundcard I listen to Rap/Hiphop/Dubstep/Drum and bass I like bass but not muddy bass i like punchy bass not a headphone where its so much bass you can...
  15. greenkiwi

    Closed equivalent to the HD650s

    I'm looking to get some closed back headphones for my work, where I sit next to someone in a small office and the HD650s I have are no longer appropriate.  I have come to love the HD650s (when amped) and have tried IEMs (tried UEs, Shures and W4s), but just can't listen for hours to them because...
  16. JohnnyBlaze554

    Benchmark headphones for review

    I'm looking to make a list of headphones that people really wanted new stuff compared to in different price points.   So far looking around the shop this is what I'm thinking that we have I could compare things too.   50-   Koss Porta Pro Classic 100- Grado SR-80 150-  Audio-Technica...
  17. Hoax

    Stax SR 207 (or 202) compared to Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

    Hiya   I was wondering if anyone can tell me how a stax sr 207 or 202 (older model) compare to the beyerdynamic DT 770/880/990's   Also one of my most important questions i have is the bass, is it able to produce a thicker/deeper/more detailed bass than the DT's?   I have the DT 990...
  18. fud4ever

    Which high-end for trance?

    Looking for a high-end set of cans that would be optimal for the trance genre. I have no budget, looking to spend a minimum of $800, but would like to see suggestions in the thousands. Some cans that i remember but havent looked too far into are audeze lcd2 and lcd3 and ultrasones signature pro...
  19. pellryan

    Top 5 Closed Back Cans

    I'm leaning towards the Denon AH-D5000's or 7000's, but I'd like to see what everyone else thinks on this matter. They have to be closed back (if there are any open back headphones with little bleeding feel free to throw those into the mix). Price range doesnt matter, I'm interested in quality. 
  20. lollerberry

    Closed headphones that sound like HD580's?

    Hello head-fiers, A few years ago I've spent a lot of time reading the forums, and of course ended up trying a few pairs of headphones after buying them on the forums too. When I got my hands on the HD-580's, now probably 3 years ago, I've stopped. As far as open cans go, I don't see how...
  21. Bommie

    Headphones for female vocals that span many genres? (Up to ~$400) [Paired with O2/ODAC]

    Hello Head-Fi! I intend on getting the O2/ODAC combo and spending $250-$300 on headphones. My initial choice was the DT880, but I've heard that it has recessed upper-mids that make female artists sound a little less than stellar. I'm very unfamiliar with audio and its qualities, so is there...
  22. dcfis

    High End Closed phones "good for closed" or good period?

    Seems like people always judge closed phones as being good despite their handicap instead of equal to open phones in the same price range. Does the soundstage suffer that much?
  23. Kees

    Kenwood KH-K1000

    A few months ago I came across a mention of this new Kenwood flagship on a Japanese site. It was acompanied by some frequency graphs that were very promising (at least I could read that...). Since then there has been some mention on this site, but not much. It stuck in my mind though, for some...
  24. joker97

    Any cans with Xtra bass with similar detail and price to Senn HD600?

    I love my HD600 to bits as it is so detailed ... but I am after another set with skull crunching bass (both in quality and quantity) but having as much other detail as possible, around the $300-400 mark ... the fact that I am EQ-ing all my music to increase bass from 16-125kHz suggests I need...
  25. vicktnguyen

    DT880 vs Kenwood KH-K1000

    Hello Head-fi!! Just received my set of DT880/600 ohms on Monday, cannot be any happier . I heard so many good thing about this headphones and decided to take the plunge. So i let it burn in for a good 2 days and gave it some first listening this afternoon, the DT880 sounds very nice, detail...