1. N

    Upgrading from AKG K702 to Sundara

    Hi, Planning to upgrade from my K702 to the Hifiman Sundara. Good idea? What would i gain? Is the Sundare easier or harder to drive than the AKG? Regards, Nicolas
  2. A

    AKG K701 vs K702 (or 701 Made in Austria vs 702 Made in China)

    I'm very new to Headphones and I'm planning to buy the "Holy Trinity of Mid-Fi" Headphones for my collection (whatever this term is... but you know, the AKG K701/702, the Sennheiser HD600/650 and the Beyer Dynamic DT880). I'm planning to start with the AKG K701/702. I'm still undecided what...
  3. ronfifer

    K702 Too loud Out Of Laptop, Do I Still Need An AMP?

    My AKG k702 just arrived. Plan to use them for competitive FPS gaming, making use of their renowned soundstage and imaging. I plugged it into the 3.5mm headphone jack on my gaming laptop, which has a Realtek HD audio chip on-board, and i couldn't raise the volume more than 65% in Windows. Got...
  4. B

    Amp/DAC with AKG K702 (K5 pro? o2+odac? other?)

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a DAC/Amp for my new AKG K702 (105dB SPL/V, 62Ohms). My budget is around 150€. For this price, I have found 2 candidates: JDS Labs O2+ODAC and Fiio K5 Pro. Which one does seem better? Do you have other candidates? FYI, I will listen to music from my computer...
  5. pasi123567

    Best aftermaket pads for the K702?

    I am currently searching for a good alternative to the original pads without changing the sound signature too much. The options I consider are Brainwavz pads in either perforated pleather, leather, velour or micro suede form. What would work best to keep a similar sound but also could feel more...
  6. N

    I need help making the AKG K702 comfortable

    I recently purchase AKG K702 from B&H (Without the bumps on the headband), but I am struggling to use them for prolonged periods. After a while, it feels as if pressure builds under my ear/around my jaw. I am still in a position to return them and try something else, but I really like the sound...
  7. Yan Yan

    Amp for AKG K702

    I've been looking for an appropriate amp to match my AKG K702 for a while. My current DAC/Amp is Teac UD-503 which provides a quite cold, detailed sound with slightly weak bass. It could be much satisfying if the sound could become a bit warmer while the budget is around 500USD. Schiit...
  8. phantomflame

    Amp + DAC to match AKG k702 headphones

    So I got myself a pair of akg k702's and I'm looking for an amp/dac - either a combo unit or seperates to match it. These headphones sound amazing as they are but I want them to sound as best as they can! Out of the box they felt a bit tinny but after a day or 2 they either got better, or maybe...
  9. S

    Advice Needed

    I am a musician but do not call myself an audiophile. I am however interested in getting the best sounding set-up for the price and this forum seems to know what they are talking about. I have a pair of akg k702s that I have used for years without an amplifier, and while reading posts on this...
  10. T

    (In terms of just sheer imaging and soundstage for competitive gaming) Beyerdynamic T1 2nd gen vs K702?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my K702 (since I'm not that happy with them anymore) and I auditioned some headphones (HD650, HE400i, HE560, T1 2nd Gen, K712). I wasn't able to demo any of them in atleast a round of Rainbow Six Siege or CSGO (yes, the sound engine in this game is quite horrible and...
  11. H

    Suggestions on earbuds for v30

    So i just got an LG V30 and it sounds great with my AKG K702s, but i would love to get some ear buds that have a similar profile. Just for reference I love the flat natural sound of the K702s so i would be looking for somthing with a similar sound profile. Also as a side note I got the K702s a...
  12. pasi123567

    Combination of HD580 and K702

    I hope this is the last post I'll have to make regarding this topic. All I wanted was to update from my old Gaming Headset and so I searched for something that will actually give me good sound. But its really hard to find something that just is good enough for me. It should have the HD580...
  13. Hitashi

    Mod and linearization of AKG K702

    I have a background in high end DIY Loudspeaker assembly and Crossover filtering. I have owned a great deal of headphones, and i stumpled upon a website called "innerfidelity" but what bothered me, were the fact that the frequency response graphs, didn't match up with what my ears were hearing...
  14. pasi123567

    Searching for a "better" headphone than K702

    I know I made a thread about something similar already but after using them longer and comparing back and forth I am pretty sure about what I want now. I definitely miss a bit of bass. Not punchy bass though but smooth or "long" bass(Dont know how to explain it well) On the other hand what I...
  15. pasi123567

    AKG K702 Sound Crap?

    I bought them 3 days ago and used them all day long because I thought its finally time to upgrade form my 60$ Turtle Beach headset. But now after listening, everytime I switch to my turtle beach I find them better. They sound more clear in highs and vocals. Vocals also seem to be more present...