1. ray97

    JVC: for bass heads

    Which one should i buy,very confused.Bass is the main requisite.....   JVC HA-RX900 OR JVC HA-M5X
  2. AlbanianBoy

    Are The: JVC HA-M5X worth it ?

    They seem very good and are now avaible for only 60$ so do you think that they are worth it ?
  3. trdman50

    I'm new and i could use some help :P

    I've been looking for some new headphones, (I believe the type I want are called "cans") I've done some studying and closed back would better serve my needs. I'd like to keep the price at about $400 or less. i listen to mostly rock, rap, and pop, and i do enjoy a nice bass sound. right now i...
  4. DexterMorgan

    Which headphone to buy: JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives vs Sennheiser HD 449?

    Cost (in EU):   JVC HA-M5X Xtreme Xplosives: $48 Sennheiser HD 449: $96   Is it worth getting the 449?   Another option is to get the  JVC HAM5X now for $48, and get  ATH-M50 for $100 or so when I visit US in a few months. I need some headphones in the meantime as my current ones...
  5. b4c0n

    JVC HA-M5X vs Sony MDR-XB700 vs JVC HA-M750?

    I'm thinking to buy good bass, over ear, noise isolating headphone for low price, and those 3 headphones are what I found. And I'm just thinking really heard which headphone should I buy. So if you have any idea which headphone is better, I would love to hear it. So please please please tell...
  6. ecnar

    Sennheiser CX475 vs JVC HA FX101

     I am thinking of getting the JVC HA FX101s because of all the great reviews. However, I now have the Sennheiser CX475s. I like the sound of the Sennheisers and wonder if the JVC would sound as good or better. Has anyone tried them both? I also just ordered the JVC HA M5X can't wait to try those...
  7. maadim

    Basshead on a budget, JVC Xtreme Xplosives HAM5x sadly unavailable

    Hey gang!   I was about to purchase the JVC Xtreme Xplosives HAM5x, when suddenly the retailer said the weren't available anymore in Canada where he was located, and finding a decent reliable and rather cheap retailer that ships internationally with a reasonable pricing came with no luck (I...
  8. Malav

    Best bass heavy headphones

    Looking for the best bass headphones for dubstep and electronic. For around 250 give or take a few.which has the most head wobbling gut pulling bass ?:D Dt770 pro 80 Shure 750-840-940 Ultrasone 750-780 -580-550 Ath m50 Aiaiai tma1 M audio q40 Ps- Feel free to recommend others Thanks in...
  9. Bradsnake412


    Hey everyone what would be the best Bass Headphones that are in this price range $50 - $100 these are the ones i have seen so far Sony XB500 JVC HA M5X so if anyone wants to post any headphones in that range that are Bass thank you very much
  10. RPGWiZaRD

    JVC HA-M5X - Another Budget Basshead's Review

    JVC HA-M5X Review         UPDATE: The previous owner did a mod to this headphone that he forgot to mention about which I ofc didn't know about, scroll down for more details, the review has now been modified a bit to reflect how it sounds without any mods.   Here's another newly...
  11. stephanielu

    Headphones similar to MDRXB500

    Hey Everyone,    Today I tried some headphones of Sony MDRXB500 from my friend, I really liked the headphones they are fun to listen to cause of their bass but they are infact too bulky and I realized my ear started sweating once I was listening to them for a while. Are there any headphones...
  12. RPGWiZaRD

    Any bassheads tried the new JVC HA-M5X or HA-S600 yet?

    They aren't available in Finland yet and very scarsely available in europe so far on select online sites so haven't been able to try them myself but would still be curious to hear more about them. They are quite widely available in the US though. It seems there's no expensier options that would...
  13. silentweapon99

    What headphones have the deepest bass?

    I own the JVC Xtreme Xplosives HA-M5X and im looking for a new pair of bassheavy headphones?
  14. JVC HA-M5X

    JVC HA-M5X

    Headphones over ear JVC HA-M5X.