1. RocketPenguin

    Best Earbuds/Earphones Suited for Me?

    I have only been on this forum once or twice, over the past few years, so bare with me. I do realize there are other threads asking similar questions, but I believe my specific question requires a more specific answer. Point being, I need a new set of earbuds. I currently have a pair of...
  2. sjolander21

    Best IEMs around 100-200$ ?

    Hi, owner of the Focal Spirit One and I appreciate it's sound signature - flat and highly detailed but still with some punch and richness. Now I'm looking for an IEM with a somewhat similar sound in the price range around 100-200$. It is to be used together with an iPod Classic 2009 paired with...
  3. dozerman

    Durable IEMs for less than 100$

    Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped...
  4. Kuloss

    need help, IEM's under 85$ on amazon?

    i have 85$ on amazon, and am looking for decent IEM's since my shure se215's are giving me problems(have gone through 2 extra cables so far,those furu tech cables from ebay, in about 1-2 months each, and idk if i should spend 85$ on a cable or new headphones). From what ive read, the best for my...
  5. FriendlyFire

    SE210 Step-up

    Hello everyone!   A few years ago, I purchased the SE210 after reading up on reviews and deciding that they were the best fit. I was upgrading from the JBL Reference 220, so I very much appreciated the difference in sound quality. Unfortunately they broke approximately a year ago, but I...
  6. qiqibaba

    buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590

    Hi guys,   my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.   i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is...
  7. AudioDwebe

    Which three IEM's covers it all?

    The proliferation of all things headphone related over the last several years absolutely blows my mind.  It seems there are new players getting into the game each and every month, making it confusing even for folks who've been 'round these neck of the woods for more than a minute about potential...
  8. belleville

    If same price, how to compare JVC HA-FXD70 vs HA-FXD60 vs HA-FX40?

    Just saw a promotional sale on these 3 models in a retail shop near my home. I am going to get one. Only question, which one I should get for the best if they are about the same price?
  9. tomscy2000

    JVC's Micro HD Line: HA-FXD80/70/60

    It's no secret that JVC has been on a roll lately in the portable segment. While its high-end HA-FX700 and FX500 (aka FX1000) wood cone earphones have been a hit, its more budget-oriented HA-FXT90 has also struck a chord with consumers.   The HA-FXC71/51 have also been good budget options...
  10. JVC HA-FXD70

    JVC HA-FXD70

    Fixed directly to the driver unit to the tip of the enclosure to improve the acoustic characteristics. JVC HA-FXD70-B