1. mortalcombat

    Looking for decent in-ear earphones between $20-60

    I have been reading around the forum and have found some interesting products, however I thought I would describe what I'm looking for in detail for a better response.   I am looking for    1. In-Ear. (Nothing fancy, the normal (round) ones. I tried the Bose IE2 and I hated them) 2...
  2. qiqibaba

    buying JVC HA-FX101 or else for EDM listening while owning philips she3590

    Hi guys,   my first post here, hope i didnt violate any rules over here. been lurking around and reading reviews, and now i feel like having some of your thoughts.   i am listening almost exclusively to EDM, amongst which are trance, house, dubstep, etc... so the punchy powerful bass is...
  3. belleville

    If same price, how to compare JVC HA-FXD70 vs HA-FXD60 vs HA-FX40?

    Just saw a promotional sale on these 3 models in a retail shop near my home. I am going to get one. Only question, which one I should get for the best if they are about the same price?
  4. tomscy2000

    JVC's Micro HD Line: HA-FXD80/70/60

    It's no secret that JVC has been on a roll lately in the portable segment. While its high-end HA-FX700 and FX500 (aka FX1000) wood cone earphones have been a hit, its more budget-oriented HA-FXT90 has also struck a chord with consumers.   The HA-FXC71/51 have also been good budget options...
  5. thisnamestaken

    Recommended IEMs? ($100-200)

    Alright guys I am brand new to the headphone world so don't be too hard on me please. I'm just a kid looking for a relatively nice pair of headphones that I could buy with 1-200 bucks of my Christmas money. All my friends have beats by dre but I do my research before I buy just about anything...
  6. JVC HA-FXD60

    JVC HA-FXD60

    Fixed directly to the driver unit to the tip of the enclosure to improve the acoustic characteristics. JVC HA-FXD60-W