1. ralphsv

    The tipical quest for 1st headphones recommendation

    Hello. I'm Ralph, adn this is my first time in the forums. I'm also totally new to the high quality sound world. I had always listened to music with the headphones included by default with my players, as well as simple headphones I bought in the way, Some time ago, I finally decided to try...
  2. deepanshu830

    I need a Hyper-detailed IEM??

    please suggest me an iem under 150$ with ultra detailing.
  3. hallucynogenyc

    Bang for the buck portable headphones at 50$ max

    Hi.   I've always used in-ear headphones because I mainly listen to music on the subway etc and they seemed the only option. However, a friend of mine bought a pair of JVC HA-S600-R headphones. They are very comfortable, when they are folded they take almost no space and they sound way better...
  4. Formula

    $50 burning a hole in my pocket... What do you suggest I add to my little collection? O_o

    Just as the title states. Around a $50 budget. Not sure what to get. Part of me wants another IEM. Another part wants to jump into the headphone thing with something like the Koss PortaPro... :o. I tend to lean towards the fun bass heavy sound but open to something like the MEElectronic A151...
  5. KopaneDePooj

    Audio quality comparison - neckband vs. in-ear

    Hello,   I need some better headphones for my new Sansa Clip+. I already own two pairs of on-ear neckband style headphones that I tried: Sony MDR-G42 and Panasonic RP-HG11 and I also tried 3 or 4 very cheap in-ear (I don't know if I shoul call them monitors). Between these I prefer the...
  6. Doc-holliday

    OVER-PERFORMING, OVER-ACHIEVING Headphones/IEMs for their price range. Top cost effective cans/IEMS

    NOTE: I have been keeping this updated periodically. I am hoping it is helpful to someone. IF SO please post something even if it is brief so I know people are using it. Thanks. Useful links: Tyll's wall of fame Joker'ss 260+ IEM Review. Joker's 100+ Portable Headphone reviews The reason I am...
  7. kalbee

    [REVIEW] Presenting the Chord&Major Tonal Earphone Collection

    Chord&Major Tonal Earphone Collection Review (2013 editions?)     Never heard of Chord&Major? I don't blame you; their exposure is still very limited and, truth be told, I haven't heard of them either until two months ago.   For this review, I believe the contents can get a little...
  8. Afro1989

    FS: HA-FX40 | Brand New | U.S. only

    I'm selling my brand new, factory sealed HA-FX40 in orange (Japan exclusive).  I imported these for around $40, but I'll go $23 shipped via Paypal, US only.  Send me a PM, thanks!   100% positive feeback on eBay
  9. EmptyTalk

    IEM recommendation - what are the current favorites?

    Although I've been a member for awhile, it's unusual for me to actually post anything related to headphones these days, because I've been very content and satisfied with my gear.  That said, I'm looking for some reasonably priced (around $70.00 budget) IEMs that satisfy the following criteria...
  10. BackwardPawn

    Affordable IEMs, canalphones, or earbuds

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a portable pair of earphones that I can use on an airplane, as well as take to the hospital with me in about a week.  My third and final pair of PX-100s just broke (as much as I like the sound, I wouldn't buy another anyway as the quality control was crap).  Cheaper...
  11. JVC HA-FX40-B Earphone - KV6902

    JVC HA-FX40-B Earphone - KV6902

    General Information Manufacturer/Supplier: Victor Company of Japan, Limited Manufacturer Part Number: HAFX40B Brand Name: JVC Product Model: HA-FX40-B Product Name: HA-FX40-B Earphone Product Type: Earphone Technical Information Connectivity Technology: Wired Cable Length: 3.94 ft Sound Mode...