1. ritvik93

    should i go for sony mdr ex220lp?

    I'm thinking of buying the Sony Mdr ex220lp : http://www.sony.co.in/product/mdrex220lp Should i go for it or should i look at any other options of similar price bracket?
  2. JosephL

    Does it make sense to buy IEM's that match the DAC?

    Hello,   I'm researching inexpensive IEM's that would work well with this DAC. http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/products/audio_hubs/WM1811/   Which one of these below would you suggest given that DAC?   Senn cx200 Phillips SHE3580 Monoprice 8320 Sony MH1C Koss KSC75s Philips SHE3580...
  3. mindstormer

    Best IEM for under $100?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the best IEM I can get for under $100. I know this question is very broad and I need to be more specific, but to be honest, I don't have any knowledge/experience with good IEM. My previous IEM was a Sennheiser CX 500 and at the time of purchase ~4 years ago, it...
  4. banddfl

    jvc fx40 replacement

    Hello, First post on the forum but have been a follower for a while. I bought over the years quite a few iems based on reviews. I listen mainly to country and a little of rock. - Meelectronics m9 : never liked them, weak... - xears nature x3 : loved them, rich sound, great mids, powerful a...
  5. jvandyk

    Good,not great runners cans?

    They need to have the voice command for IOS and be comfortable and stay in for a serious runner.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  6. Johnny Jumper

    Comply tips worth adding to a budget IEM?

    In the sub-75$US market, do Comply tips make a difference?  Thinking about a back-up pair for my "office" IEMs.  Mostly for yard work, maybe a little gaming, etc.  Thinking about Philips SHE3850 or JVC MHFX40...     JJ
  7. popcorn

    JVC earphone HA-FX40 or Philips SHE 3580

    Hi Newbie here After reading a lot of reviews here on head-fi I bought myself a pair of JVC HA-FX101 (nice one)   I have nothing to compare the sound quality to (and I don't yet have the decernment to know good from bad) So I am looking to buy something else. I was reading about other...
  8. aag1

    GR02 vs GR99 vs GR04 vs MH1C

    Hi,   I've recently (by a pure chance) came to own a pair of Monoprice 8320. It was a surprise improvement (IMO) for my until now favorite Klipsch S2s. At least as far as the sound goes. Comfort, unfortunately, is a completely different story.   I'm listening mostly to Prog Rock, Prog...
  9. Dsnuts

    XBA-3/ XBA-30 thread.

    Several weeks ago I got in on a deal that seemed too good to be true on one of these Sony XBA-3s Future Shop of Canada was selling these for a mere $100. They retail upwards of $280 or so.  I am a big fan of Sony stuff and I use a Sony Z1060 as my main portable device for music listening so I...
  10. humblesmurph

    Need help rounding out my cheapo collection

    First, thank you all for your help in choosing a set of full sized earphones. I started with some cheap Coby's with 40 mm drivers to get an idea of what I wanted in a full sized over the ear set of cans. Feels weird using "cans" since I know so little about headphones and audio equipment in...
  11. mortalcombat

    Looking for decent in-ear earphones between $20-60

    I have been reading around the forum and have found some interesting products, however I thought I would describe what I'm looking for in detail for a better response.   I am looking for    1. In-Ear. (Nothing fancy, the normal (round) ones. I tried the Bose IE2 and I hated them) 2...
  12. Scylin

    Looking for budget IEMs for use in the gym

    Hi there,   Yea I know, this thread again, let me apologize in advance   I'M SORRY!   Alright now that that's done with....   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs (I haven't actually ever used them, but I have an intense hatred for earbuds, because  I always have problems with them...
  13. sxcnelson

    Need Suggestions:Upgrade for SoundMagic P11

    This is my first thread in Head-hi :-) . I must say big thank you to all of you for the writing best reviews on the internet.   My SoundMagic P11 earphones died last week and I am looking for a new IEM.   I listen mostly to DJ's like David Guetta,Tiesto and hence my prime focus is only...
  14. DannleChannel

    Sennheiser CX200 alternatives?

    I had a pair of Sennheiser CX200's, and I loved them dearly. I got them on sale for $15 or so from Newegg, and they're easily the best in-ear headphones I've owned. One of the lines died on mine a few months ago, though, so I threw them away. They're on sale again on Newegg for $20, and I'm...
  15. Redd10

    US$130 budget. Best headphones/IEM for Trance, Dance, HipHop, Classical

    Hi there! Would anyone of you guys advice me on which is the best headphones I could get for US$130 budget? I know these things differs from each individual to another. I just would like to know what is the ideal one you guys would get for the budget stated. Maybe I would be happy with the...
  16. Doc-holliday


    Hey Yall, I recently tried an idea that I am recommending to Comply (i'm positive im not the only one to do this i know) but I got tired of trying to read the "L" and "R" on some of my iems and even my TripleFi 10s with their v shape and hook cable I STILL manage to have to pause a sec to...
  17. keanex

    [Review] Audio Technica CKM500

        Pros: Clean sound, well-extending bass, solid build. Cons: Pushy bass, highs lacking Preferred Genres: Anything that emphasizes bass, hip-hop, some genres of electronic, and even some jazz. Sources Home - Musicbee (WASAPI) -> ODAC -> O2 ->CKM500 Portable - iPod Classic ->...
  18. BangOn

    Sturdy budget earphones, best bang for the buck? (Mostly for text)

    I want the cheapest best-bang-for-the-buck in ear monitor (mostly to listen to text but some music too - for music I have regular headphones). It must be very sturdy - I don't want the cables to break down. It is the usual end of in-ear phones.   What's the best solution for me?   I also...
  19. BatManExe

    Recommend me a good IEM without an AMP and etc.

    Hi there,   Can anyone recommend me a good IEM or an In-Ear Earphone?   Below are my details: -   My Rig: iPod touch   Usage: Music   File format: 320kbps mp3 or Apple lossless   Music genre: Pop, Instrumental/ New Age   Type: IEM or In-Ear earphone  ...
  20. jasonb

    Do you own various sound signatures or stick to one?

    It's a pretty simple question, no need to argue, or say which IEM's are the best, or get into any burn-in debates. I was just wondering if most people picked different sounding IEM's for different genres or different moods, or if most people picked a certain sound signature and stuck with it for...
  21. sniperwill0

    Apple releases new "EarPods"

    I woke up today and was greeted with the new iPhone 5 promo on Apple's website. I scrolled down the page reading about the new features when I hit the section on Apple's newly designed stock earphones (called EarPods now). Some thoughts...   1. Probably one of the worst designs I've ever...
  22. kristy

    I'm no audiophile - should I still splurge on Vsonic's GR02 instead of GR99?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.. my Sennheiser CX300 died and I need a replacement. I did like the sound of the CX300 (please, don't shoot me!) but I'm ready to switch to something with less "bass" and a bit more clarity. I listen to a wide range of music (except for heavy metal kinda stuff)...
  23. sunandrw

    Help!! Looking for a good pair of ear-buds for $15~$20 (Amazon price)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones for around $20 or less (Amazon price, not retail) I had a pair of Pioneer CL24 and I loved them a lot, but they are getting old so I thought it might be a good time to find some replacements. I'm looking for a pair of IEM...
  24. belleville

    If same price, how to compare JVC HA-FXD70 vs HA-FXD60 vs HA-FX40?

    Just saw a promotional sale on these 3 models in a retail shop near my home. I am going to get one. Only question, which one I should get for the best if they are about the same price?
  25. Fuzziekiwi

    Best IEM under $20?

    Which are the best under $20?