1. kingice10

    JHAudio JH16Pro original non-freq phase

    Australian headfiers only. PM me offers. No lowballers please.
  2. kingice10

    FS JH16 Pro original non-freq phase

    For Australian headfiers. PM me offers. no lowballers please.
  3. efejoao

    SOLD:[WTS/WTT] JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD Selling or trading my beloved and trusted JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom (v1), offering 8 balanced armatures per side (4 low, 2 mid, 2 high) This has been my reference in-ear monitors for over 6 years and I have recently upgraded to one JH Audio Layla, which turned out to be...
  4. superduperme

    FS: JH16 (Pre FP) + TWAG V2 (Eclipse)

    Hey all, I'm selling what used to be a legendary CIEM. Frankly, I never had the chance to use them over an hour ever year in the past 5 years as I'm listening to my car audio or home theatre set up. So... I thought the CIEM will definitely be better off with someone who could maximise its...