1. TurbinePro

    Recommended Custom IEM? Mid-budget!

    Just finished my over-ear headphone rig. And once that was in place...I suddenly lost appetite in my turbine pro coppers suddenly. Don't get me wrong, they are fabulous IEMs, and I really like them, they just (as of now) have to much bass for me.   I want to start looking for a custom pair of...
  2. thapchild

    Null Audio Arete Series MKII Cable w/ Apple Mic - Review (pics)

    Enjoy my Book:   Recently I purchased a Null Audio Arete Series MKII Cable with Apple Mic from Null Audio.  I’ve had the cable about 3 weeks now, and finally took some time to make a write up for anyone who is considering purchasing an upgrade cable.   I consider myself a closet audiophile. ...
  3. rudiraith

    JH 16 pro dampened?

    Just got my Roxanne UF. The sound blew me off, but it was better than my 4-years-old JH16pro custom in such a way that I suspect these to be stuffed by ear wax. This deterioration must have crept in over time, as I did not recognize it at all. Almost no treble, no staging. Has anyone here made...
  4. king8888

    Need advices: UERM vs JH16fp

    Hi everyone   I am planning to get a CIEM between JH16fp and UERM. I am looking for a bright and fast paced sounding.   I used to owned JH16 non FP version. The bass is a bit overwhelming and the treble tempted to be harsh, sometime sibilance.   I don't know if the JH16 FP is a improved...
  5. PMA

    Question regarding in ear fit and sinuses

    Hi all,   My band has been using in ear monitoring for a number of years now.  I have used both UE and JH Audio products and recently upgraded from JH16's to Roxanne's.  In doing so, I gave my JH16's to my brother to re-shell them for his ears.  Prior to this, he's been using Shure SE535's...
  6. jark

    Balanced cable for JH16's Pro, yes or no?

    Hi, Using the excuse the cable on my JH16's pro turned green I'm thinking to upgrade it either to ALO's Tinsel series or Moon Audio's Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable. The only option I haven't decided yet is whether to put balanced ending or not to use it balanced through my portable amp...
  7. KimChee

    JH16..Now What?

    Hey guys,    I'm looking for some headphone advice.  Ive been up and down the Grado line up to the 325, Beyer DT 770, ATH M50, AKG702, not really sure where to go now.  I'm looking for a V shaped fun signature, but I'd like closed if possible.  I mostly listen to rock, heavy metal, punk,etc ...
  8. xutantuo

    Help! What should I do with my broken JH13 & JH16?

    Hi everyone!   I've encountered a problem I am not able to solve recently.   I sold two pairs of JH products to two buyers recently and I was informed by the reshell company that they have problems with their drivers. One side of the JH13 has problem with its bass driver while one side...
  9. yeongman

    Fitear MH335DW vs JH16 pro vs Unique Melody Merlin vs Roxanne

    Hi guys,   Been using IEMs for a while now. Finally been able to save up some cash and now I would like to upgrade my IEMs to CIEMs. Since i'm going to get married soon, this is possibly the last IEMs I might ever get. Would like to make it a good one. One last hurrah if you will. (wife to be...
  10. balu_613

    Is a new ear impression required for every custom IEM I buy?

    This is an issue that puzzles me.   I bought a JH13 Pro from JH Audio in 2009. When I called JH Audio a couple of years later to order a JH16, I was surprised to learn that though they had my ear impressions from my previous order, I'll have to send them a new set of impressions. When I asked...
  11. kimvictor

    High End CIEM/IEM Thread!

    OK. I think it's about time iems and ciems get their own thread on summit-fi section. With the new flagships like SE846, K3003, and IE800, it makes sense that there is a summit-fi thread for them.   As for iems and ciems, lets only discuss about $600+ iems.(I know that some iems under $600...
  12. ads1107

    Buying in Bangkok. Where?

    Hi all. Travelling to Bangkok in the next few weeks. I have been there before but it was quite a few years back and I didn't really look at electronics, audio etc. So I'm not sure of pricing and ranges. Any stores people can recommend I visit with a good range? Would be looking at BA or...
  13. Goldhaven

    Amp for iPhone 5S with JH16s

    Hello. I recently bought a pair of JH16 custom IEMs. Even though the iPhone 5s plays loud enough, I do find that the sound is a bit tame compared to on my computer when listening with a cheap USB soundcard.   I was wondering, in order for me to fully enjoy my JH16s when out and about or at...
  14. MC LeBron 23

    IEM buying help.

    Hi guys, long time since I posted. Anyway, I've been trying to decide on an IEM for the last year to year and a half. I always thought about the JH16 but I just can see buying them for $1000+. Then I came across the UM Merlin's, but again said to myself that $800 is just too much for me. After...
  15. PMA

    Can JH16's be remade for another user?

    Hello all,   I've searched this site and seen some JH16 users who have put their IEM's on sale to get later model or other IEM's.  I haven't seen any explanation on how a custom IEM can be reworked for another user.  Does JH Audio do this?     I have JH16's now and am considering an upgrade...
  16. IaHawkeye

    Are JH-16's worth it?

    I currently use a pair of Shure SE 535's...I also have a pair of beats solo HD and Bose sie2's as well as Bowers and Wilkins p7, but I've been coming here and reading about all these higher end earphones and I've never had a custom set...I'm debating taking the plunge or not...are they worth it...
  17. drew8mc

    Do folks use their CIEM's at the gym?

    After my wife ran my I-pod and IEM's through the wash I was in the market for a new portable rig mostly for the gym, but also as my only portable setup.  The Sansa Clip + was my choice for the perfect gym DAP and I paired it with the Heir Audio 3.Ai.  And before you all jump on me for using an...
  18. audioops

    Portable Nirvana

    What phone/IEM do you think gets you the closest to portable nirvana? T5p? JH13/JH16/Roxannes?  Focal Spirit Pro? NAD Viso HP50? Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors? Other?   If posting an opinion, please also list the contenders you haven't heard and so can't consider.
  19. IaHawkeye

    JH Roxanne Impressions?

    Jag87 was so very generous enough to give me his detailed impressions of the Roxanne's, but I am looking for some more opinions from those who have had the opportunity to also hear the Roxanne's.... How do they stack up the the JH 16's? Is the difference in quality justify the $600 price...
  20. dvada191

    Good IEM for electronic?

    I've narrowed it down to 3 contenders: the Heir Audio 8.A, The Unique Melody Miracle, and the Jerry Harvey JH16. My preferred genres are mostly drum and bass (neurofunk like Spor and Phace and some Pendulum), house, and the occasional dubstep track. Would the new Roxanne from JH also be good?  ...
  21. beemarman

    Jh-3A with JH 16 pro

    Hi all, I'm intrested in getting the above used, but before I do I wanted to know if the JH 16 can be reshelled successful before of the extra wires in the headphones? Thanks
  22. xinhang

    Can we clean CIEM with a vacuum?

    There is a piece of ear wax jammed too deep inside of my JH16 Pro and I tried everything to get it out but I still cannot. Can I put a vacuum tube close to the opening and suck out the debris? I have never done it before so I'm a little hesitant to try it on a $1200 CIEM.
  23. BoxBoxBox

    JH16 vs Roxanne? Worth upgrading?

    Love my JH16, but curious about Roxanne. Can't really find dedicated discussion about differences, just small remarks. Anyone can say?
  24. kernel8888

    Multi IEM Review- PFE 232 vs JH5 vs JH16 vs AUD-7X

    DISCLOSURE: These are subjective definitions and subjective results! I stake no claim in being an “audiophile” in the snobbish sense of the word, but I have been a music and sound enthusiast for a couple of years, with extensive listening experience to home theater equipment, full sized open and...
  25. audioops

    Worth saving for JH13/16 instead of buying P7/NAD HP50?

    I'm still new into my headphone audiophile quest, and ready to take the next step. I went from years of Apple whiteys to a pair of Sennheisher HD 280s that I have had for the last two years or so. I really appreciated the increased detail I got from my music and feel a bit hooked on the whole...