1. tsiu6

    Iem Questions

    Hello Head.fi!!   Long time lurker, first time coming out of the shadows to post. :)  Maybe just a brief intro?  My name is Trevor, been into audio for a while, but its time to make that jump: Custom IEMs.  I am now playing out enough that I am/can justify the cost of custom in ears...
  2. Rebel908

    Preparing for the the jump: Universal to Custom help

    So I'm really considering the jump from Westone 3 to at least using the UM56 with them, if not jumping ship to the ES3X or the UE 7 or UE10. However, seeing as how head-fi has such a diverse community of audiophiles, I'd like to ask: In your opinion, what company produces the best Custom...
  3. jelt2359

    EarWerkz Legend R. 8 Driver, 7-Way, 6-Crossover Flagship | discussion thread

    In the midst of all the Kickstarter madness, JH reflections and so on, I thought one flagship IEM has been a bit neglected. The Legend R. Competitive prices aside (I try not to consider price, since that doesn't quite help to keep upgraditis at bay), I think this is one of the best sounding...
  4. LiteKirby

    Going balanced with IEMs?

    So I've had my jh11s for a while now and I've been more than happy with them, though I've been out and about more often than before and would like a bit of an improved portable setup. At home I have a simple fiio e7/e9 combo which I use with either my hd600s or the jh11s and it works fine, and...
  5. coprhead6

    JH IEM Impedance with Iphone 5

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of professional audio and would love for someone to clear this up.   I'm on the fence about a few different JH IEMs.  They will be for live performance and casual listening through my iphone 5 / Ipad without an amplifier.  I've read that the 10x3s will...
  6. Scott_Tarlow

    Need some advice on moving on from my UE TF 10 Remolds after 5 years

    Hello all,   I have 5 year old TF 10 remolds from Unique Melody, and I still love them. Only problem is, after 5 years old, i have to use putty to keep the connectors in as the holes have gotten loose. This has been an OK solution, but it seems like it might be time to move on from them soon...
  7. Audiofiler

    Review: Custom IEM's - UE11 Pro VS JH11 Pro

    . . A Review Of Custom Professional Monitors Date of Issue: August 2009 Introduction: This review is intended to compare and contrast the Ultimate Ears 11 Pro to the JH Audio 11 Pro custom in-ear phones. Background: In-ear phones are devices used by engineers...
  8. edyeded

    mp3 player with built in amp for JH11 pro

    Guys, I just ordered my JH11 pro today. I was going to play music from my iphone 5 with spotify, but I appreciate that I wont get the best out of my JH11 pros. Im looking for and mp3 player with built in amp for about £160 ($250) to start using flac files or at least 320 kbps. Any suggestions...
  9. S

    FS/FT: Westone ES3x (aus+worldwide) OR JH11/JH13/UE11($reduced)

    Original es3x, got it from my friend, he has used it for like 50hrs, I'm the 2nd owner, like new, not more than 200hrs. Comes with a pouch and original es3 cable as in the picture. Remould is needed, can do it through Fisher Audio for US buyer / UM for worldwide...
  10. Likui

    Portable amp recommendation for JH 11 pro

    Hi In your opinion what is the best portable amp in the world for JH 11 pro. Maybe something with strong bass but do not comprimise the mids and trebles also.   Thanks Matthew
  11. miprasetya

    Original JH11 located in Asia PRICE DROPPED

    Sold on local forum Thanks Head-Fi
  12. Peculier

    Buying Customs... UE11 vs UM Mage vs JH11

    I want to purchase my first pair of customs, preferably quad-driver ones. The UE11, JH11 and UM Mage seem to be the obvious choices, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to choose... The UM Mage seems to have (reputably) the best build quality, and it's also the least expensive of the...
  13. skfktkwjs

    JH Audio JH 11 pro

     Selling my JH11Pro since i got jh 16pro that i love more than 11pro   It comes with everything that jh audio gives at the brand new box   got this 2012 01/15 nothing wrong with sount sound 100% perfact.   leave me a Message with how much you are expacting.
  14. skfktkwjs

    FS/ JH Audio JH 11 Pro

    Selling my JH11Pro since i got jh 16pro that i love more than 11pro   It comes with everything that jh audio gives at the brand new box   got this 2012 01/15 nothing wrong with sount sound 100% perfact.  
  15. skfktkwjs

    FS/ (Price drop) JHA JH11 pro

    Selling my JH11Pro since i got jh 16pro that i love more than 11pro   It comes with everything that jh audio gives at the brand new box   got this 2012 01/15 nothing wrong with sount sound 100% perfact.   droped price because i need to get money quick.   To Cada ,US $350 USD...
  16. Jacky1028041

    JH11pro or others?

    Hi there   I was planning to get the westone ES5. however I live in the UK, so I will have to pay 65% extra to get it. Therefore, i started to look for other custom earphones @ about $800.   Many people suggested that JH11pro is a very good CM at it price range. i would like to know how...
  17. enoyletoj

    FS/FT: JH11 Pro (FREE Int'l Shipping) - FINAL PRICE DUMP

    The time has come for me to upgrade to better CIEMs, so I'm selling these to fund more expensive purchases.   They're in great condition, just over 8 months old (got them direct from JH in Jan 2012) and have been well kept in my otterbox case when out and about. I'd like to keep the...
  18. 91tyler

    JH11 Pro

    Ive had these CIEMS, for about 2 years 9 months. I love them, but Ive had issues with FIT. So Ive decided to re-shell them, and now that Ive decided to re-shell them i thought I'd up-grade to the JH16 while I am at it. So, I'd like to see these go to a good home cause i've put a lot of time and...
  19. mcee

    JH11 possible portable amps

    Hi all.     First of all, I would like to make clear that I am not familiar with any amps or DACs or anything. I purchased my JH11 IEMs about 1.5 years ago, and am currently wondering whether there are any amps that would suit the JH11 for portable use (or even home use), but I prefer...
  20. Augestirl

    JH11 pro compare with UE11

    how does it compares to UE11 which is 300 bucks more than JH11.   On the website, JHAudio says that JH11 pro are the real ones.XD
  21. Greg121986

    Headphones first or DAC/AMP first?

    I've stuck with my trusty Audio-GD NFB-12 for almost 2 years. It's outlasted a Schiit Bifrost and Schiit Asgard. I like its sound and price such that I sold the Schiit stack and kept the NFB-12 for primary use. I currently am using Fostex T50-RP and I'm very happy with them for the minimal...
  22. Sanotter

    Custom or not to custom, that is the question!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new iem's but was wondering if these: http://www.minerva-hearingprotection.co.uk/mi-1-custom-headphones.html are worth the price tag or if universal iem's (such as the ue triple fi) would sound noticeably better? The problem is I need to be able to wear these for a...
  23. theblackbird

    Shure SE420 vs Westone 4 or other higher end IEM's

    Hello,   Several years ago I bought a pair of Shure SE420's. While I'm pretty ok with them (lacking some bass imo) I'm considering replacing them with some higher end IEM's. The Westone 4's currently have most of my attention.   But I wonder: is the difference in sound clearly...
  24. PChoon

    Custom IEM for Bassheads

    As the topic says,   i have been hunting around for a Custom for quite sometime to replace my Superfi EBs...   but i'm having a hard time in finding the correct replacement(upgrade)...   Could anyone point me in the right direction?   As i really love my EBs, the sub bass rumble...
  25. Wobble

    JH 11Pro vs 1964-Q IEM

    ok im kinda new at this and I'm looking for a good IEM for drumming, I'm looking at the 11Pro's and the Quads and haven't found anything good really as far as comparisons go. So with price not being an issue which ones would best suit me? Im a big fan of the low end but don't want to sacrifice...