1. wolfetan44

    CIEM or IEM for me

    Looking for a CIEM or IEM, budget is up to $900. But I am NOT looking to spend that much, but if its worth it, I will definitely get them. I listen to a lot of folk(this one I only sometimes listen to, not too much, others I do listen to a lot), psychedelic rock and electronic, and alternative...
  2. Zoomer13

    CIEM Reccomendations

    It has been a while since I have used IEMs on a regular basis. I used to use Monster Turbine Golds, but they were falling apart. Lately my nodded T50rps are my go to for everything, but I would like something a bit more portable. So, if I could get a similar sound presentation (minus the sound...
  3. Golgochan

    CIEM fit questions? :S

    I've just received my JH-5s and after using them for a week, I've consistently felt the left side just doesn't fit into my ear as nicely as the right one does. When I put them on, I have to shove the left side in deeper into my ear than I have to with the right. If I don't, the seal is not...
  4. Bojamijams

    JH 10x3 Pro review

    Here is my review of the JH Audio's JH 10x3 Pro custom iem. These are on loan to me from Brittany due to some unforeseen delays in producing/shipping my JH-13's which I will write a separate review and will compare the 10x3's to while I have both with me. These are also my first ever customs so...
  5. Augestirl

    JH11 pro compare with UE11

    how does it compares to UE11 which is 300 bucks more than JH11.   On the website, JHAudio says that JH11 pro are the real ones.XD
  6. anoxy

    (< $800) IEMs, custom or universal with clarity of ER4 and bass of ASG-1?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I love my 4.Ai for the clarity and detail they provide, however I also love my ASG-1 for their excellent bass and mids.   Instead of owning two pairs of IEMs, I'm hoping to finally just settle on one that will do it all....if that's even possible? I've looked...
  7. Greg121986

    Headphones first or DAC/AMP first?

    I've stuck with my trusty Audio-GD NFB-12 for almost 2 years. It's outlasted a Schiit Bifrost and Schiit Asgard. I like its sound and price such that I sold the Schiit stack and kept the NFB-12 for primary use. I currently am using Fostex T50-RP and I'm very happy with them for the minimal...
  8. thapchild

    Talk me out of JH16? About to pull the trigger...

    Perhaps you've seen my other threads, quick recap: Have had UE TF10 for 3-4 years, wanted something with more bass, but the same or better mids/highs.   Tried 5EB, mids/high completely inferior to TF10, realized that I don't want to sacrafice mids/highs for bass.  Thought about getting...
  9. Sanotter

    Custom or not to custom, that is the question!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new iem's but was wondering if these: http://www.minerva-hearingprotection.co.uk/mi-1-custom-headphones.html are worth the price tag or if universal iem's (such as the ue triple fi) would sound noticeably better? The problem is I need to be able to wear these for a...
  10. theblackbird

    Shure SE420 vs Westone 4 or other higher end IEM's

    Hello,   Several years ago I bought a pair of Shure SE420's. While I'm pretty ok with them (lacking some bass imo) I'm considering replacing them with some higher end IEM's. The Westone 4's currently have most of my attention.   But I wonder: is the difference in sound clearly...
  11. Spyro

    No IEM is "Perfect"

    Been on this journey 10 years now and have enjoyed the anticipation of every purchase.  The waiting, the opening of the product, the first listen, the break-in....I've loved every minute.   But as much as I have enjoyed so many IEM's,    I have been able to poke a fault at everyone of them...
  12. arvbuddy

    JH 10X3 vs UM Merlin

    The name says it all! For the same price, which do you prefer? I couldn't find a thread like this, so I decided to make my own :)
  13. rhenson

    x90 vs X3 vs fiio E17 on samsung note using PowerAMP

    Hi - I'm very new to this world, but am ripping to flac and using a pair of shure srh840's and moving towards a better future from my Zune/mp3 reality.   I wonder about possibilities, and which would be significantly better.  I listen to classic rock, jazz, and classical.   Would it be...
  14. aamefford

    JHAudio IEM's - Jerry's Brief Descriptions

    Jerry Harvey and I traded a couple of emails last week regarding his product line. I am in the market, and asked for descriptions of his product line, save for the JH7, which I've read is the touring musician's tool of choice. Jerry graciously gave me permission to post his reply: Here it is...
  15. xxll2009

    Comparison---JH11PRO VS. jh10x3pro

    i need Extremely Fast and Tight and Articulate bass very good Transparency the sound is full of feeling of layers Detailed and articulate, hints at emotional intensity in Midrange nice Dynamics most time i like Electro pop 。Trance and chill out 、dance Club Techno House rap...
  16. kellen

    JH5 Pro vs. JH7 Pro

    I have a question about JH audio's JH5s vs. JH7s, Just looking at the specs, the JH5s have an input sensitivity of 119dB @ 1mW and the JH7s have an input sensitivity of 124dB@ 1mW. The 7s do have dual low drivers vs the 5s single. SO the question is, having not actually listened to either...
  17. project86

    Review: Unique Melody Aero custom triple driver IEM

      INTRO   Most people on HeadFi are already aware of Unique Melody. They are a custom IEM manufacturer based out of China who has rapidly become quite popular, mostly based on their remold service. Remolding is the process of taking an existing IEM and fitting the drivers/crossovers into...
  18. AndrewG

    custom IEM fit solution question?

    Hi I got my JHpros remolds from unique melody today. The left side sealed very well about 98 %, the right side however felt too loose in my ear, like it didnt go deep enough, so it was more like 95 % fit.   so i heard coating the sides with acrylic nail polish to add tihckness to make a...
  19. mattbox

    JH 10x3 fit

    I got my new JH10x3 a few days ago and since there my first custom IEMs I'm a little unsure if there fitting correctly. I don't think im getting a proper seal on my left monitor and I feel the tip of the monitor on my canal when I press on it, different from the right monitor which feels fine...
  20. MaoDi

    JH Audio JH|10X3PRO Appreciation Thread

    JH|10X3PRO appreciations unite! Discussions begin! Here are mine pair of 10X3 to begin with
  21. tobprud

    Custom In Ear Monitors

    Hello I just sold me Westone 4r and planning to go custom. My choices are Fit Ear Private 222, Westone ES3, Unique Melody Miracle/Merlin and Jh Audio JH10/JH10X3. The reason I choose these models because my budget is around 900 dollars. I have been reading the reviews but I couldn't find any...
  22. flamesfan

    What headphones/IEMs do you use to travel on trains/planes?

    What headphones or IEMs do you use when you go for a long or short flight or just the train ride? Im going on vacation soon, its a 6hr flight. I need some ideas from all the audiophiles who travel
  23. JH Audio 10X3PRO

    JH Audio 10X3PRO

    Jerry Harvey's in-ear headphones are miniaturized works of innovative audio art. A perfect example of JHA's balanced armature sonic advantages is the 3-driver array found inside the JH 10X3 PRO. Exquisitely tuned crossovers deliver naturally balanced, seamless music reproduction and precise...