1. Connahhh

    Fiio e12 or other for Senn HD650?

    Hey guys! I'm eventually going to buy a Bottlehead Crack for these phones, but I also want something portable that will hold me over until I have the funds. I will likely end up with either a Modi or E17k DAC, so amp only. I'm just looking for a good sounding, under $200 amp that will drive...
  2. chimmycham

    HD598s.. Magni2Uber vs Vali

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) > Audirvana Plus > Sennheiser HD-598 phones.   I'm deciding between: >Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber >Vali / Modi2 Uber >O2 / ODAC >Magni2 Uber / ODAC etc..   Which would pair best with my HD598s?   Right now the Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber seems like...
  3. maverickronin

    The Hopelessly Derailed ODAC/Objective DAC Anticipation/Discussion Thread

      I just can't help myself sometimes...     The search tells there isn't a thread for the ODAC here in the Source Components section so I guess it's time to start one.   Recently announced by He Who Must Not Be Named and now available for preorder from JDS Labs, the ODAC is a 24/96...
  4. TheInquisitive1

    Can someone help me? (O2 Odac 'problem')

    Hello head-fiers.   Today I acquired some beloved HD600 with the O2 ODAC combo and I love them, they sound fantastic!   But, one problem... I plugged my HD600 directly into some cheap PC World Essentials 2.0 speakers (worth £7, they have a headphone jack) expecting bad results.   It's not...
  5. ninjames

    Considering the O2+ODAC for my HE-400.

    I sold my Schiit Magni + Modi when I needed to make rent a month or two ago, which means I haven't used my Hifiman HE-400 since then. I'm now looking to get a new setup and I was thinking I'd go with something other than the little Schiits. I know the HE-400 has some treble issues on its own...
  6. Greenleaf7

    DAC incompatibility with OSX Mavericks

    Greetings everyone, I recently switched from a windows based PC to a Mac running Mavericks (OSx 10.9). From the beginning, I noticed some very obvious clicking and static during music playback. My set up is, and always has been, Computer > ODAC > O2 > headphones. Music playback was...
  7. dead99

    Economy priced DAC

    Im looking for a DAC (as i'm now dubble amping with the e17) I can spend around 150 euro (200 dollars). I would preferably want one I can also use if i buy a better amp than my 15 year old phillips :). I did find the Argon DAC 1, does anyone know how it sounds?
  8. JbstormburstADV

    Choosing My First DAC

    Hey guys.  After some thinking, I'm thinking of asking to get an external USB DAC for my computer system (I have active speakers, and I'd like a port for headphones), and other than waiting on an amp (with my gear, I likely can), I have no idea as to what to get.  From what my amateurish...
  9. wdahm519

    Problem with ODAC

    Hey guys,   I'm having some trouble with my ODAC. When I plug it in to certain computers or sources, it will work, and with others it refuses to output sound. See examples below:   Windows 7 Desktop (works with other DAC's over same USB port) --> USB Cable --> ODAC = "Windows doesn't...
  10. MonolithNZ

    DAC Recommendations for Little Dot MKIII and DT880s

    Hey guys. I hope this is the right sub section. I've just pulled the trigger on a second 7970 graphics card which means that my Xonar STX soundcard will have to go. Current setup: Headphones: Xonar STX -> Little Dot MKIII Tube Amp -> Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm headphones Speakers: Xonar STX...
  11. Dizzante

    JDS Labs O2 Amp and the FiiO E70K For the DAC

    I have a question regarding the possibility and practicality of using the JDS Labs O2 and with the E70K. Is it possible? In your opinion would it sound good? I would be using Grado SR80i's for the time being, but that is going to change in the near future. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  12. gopanthersgo1

    Brightish DAC under $50

    I'm selling my Soundcard to get funds toward a better DAC and a monitor, so I need a DAC to hold me over. My budget is $50. I've been interested in the Ele, Muse, HifiMeDIY, and UD100. Inputs do not matter to me. I am looking for a DAC with a brightish sound signature, as I LOVE hard, sharp...
  13. strreamix

    first timer in need of guidance

    So I developed a passion for listening to high quality music. My current headphone is the Sennheiser HD555. I play all of my music out of my computer so at the moment I use a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor I believe to plug it into my PC (am i losing quality?). Any music I download is strictly WAV...
  14. Lightstar385

    Will I see an improvement in SQ by upgrading to a USB DAC for my laptop's audio?

    Hey there lovely people of Head-Fi,   Like the title says, I am wondering if I should get myself a USB DAC for my laptop for general music listening. My budget is max $150.00 AUD (Australian Dollars). Interestingly enough, I decided to use RMAA (Rightmark Audio Analyzer) to test my current...
  15. MrLazyAnt

    Looking for a DAC at a budget of $350-ish.

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a thrashed and beaten subject, but after a long time of searching through the forums I couldn't find the information I needed, so I'm hoping this yields better results.   I am looking for a USB connectable DAC. My budget is, at a stretch, $350US. My intention is to...
  16. KBT2012

    Looking for a good set and amp (newbie to this world)

    Hi everyone, I didn't find an intro section so a little about myself which may help you guys steer me in the right direction.   I am into car audio and completed my first build about a year ago, I did full audio in a 2010 F150, Boston Acoustics SR50 components, SR80 coaxials, Rockford...
  17. Shervin

    Advice on which AKG combo?

    Gentlemen! I've been reading the forums for months regarding amps, dacs, k702/q701, and k550s. I have this illogical devotion to AKG, due to my previous AKG headphones, and have trouble deciding between two different type of headphones. I recently received a cash bonus from work so I have the...
  18. Royal2000H

    E7 + E9 or other?

    I currently have a FiiO E7 which I use as a DAC+Amp for my Audio-Technica M50's (even though an amp isn't really necessary on them).   I'm about to get a better pair of headphones and likely land on a DT 880 (250 ohm), DT 990 (250ohm), or HD 650. From what I understand my E7 won't be...
  19. Sleepcakez

    Schiit or Odac for Audio Technica A900x?

    About to buy one of these guys, either the O2+ODAC or Schiit Modi/Magni.   Leaning towards Schiit because of the DC plug being on the back and price being somewhat lower. Can anyone tell me whether one combo would be better over the other for reasons that I didn't list above?
  20. D

    Need Help In Looking For An Upgrade; Buyer's Guide and Forum Searches Didn't Fit My Needs

    So I've been lurking on this site for about a two years, and you guys helped me make my first jump into head-fi (my ears say thanks, but my brain and wallet don't, haha). I purchased Klipsch Image S4's a couple of summers ago and I've been pretty pleased with them.  Now, I am looking to get a...
  21. Valgrave

    Amp + DAC vs Sound Card for AKG K701

    Firstly I'm not sure where this post is suppose to go so if its in the wrong place I apologize.   So I've begun to start my dive into better audio and I've chosen my first set of what I would consider "real" headphones. I've chosen to go with the AKG K701's. I've read many reviews and it...
  22. dotandvir

    Help a beginner

    Hi,   I have liked headphones for most of my life but always had cheap models. I finally got my taste of good earphones a few months ago with an entry level Grado and B&W P5. I have now decided to invest in an amplifier and a DAC . currently using NuForce portable USB amp.   Problem is -...
  23. David RoBa

    First desktop amp/dac usd 200ish for Grado.

    So at last my first post.   Here I come:   I got a pair of Grado 225i and now I want a desktop amp/dac combo for them. I have "reduced" my list to this:   JDL O2/ODAC Schiit M+M Schiit Asgard 2 + Modi  HRT Headsreamer     I am looking for:   Something to match my...
  24. Breyden

    All Confused / Fiio Amps

    First let me say I am sorry if this info is already posted in some forum somewhere else.  I have done a lot of searches and read many posts, but nothing is exactly what I need.   I want the best quality listening experience possible, for a reasonable price.  I recently purchased some V-Moda...
  25. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...