1. Fungus

    JDS labs O2 or C5

    I know that the O2 is very large and is considered transportable than portable.    However I want to know if the O2 performs vastly better or just about the same but with more power than the C5 amp   And are either of the batteries user replaceable?    How long does the O2s battery last? 
  2. FiJAAS

    ALO audio The National vs. JDS Labs C5

    Hello. I have ordered iPod Classic and Beyerdynamic DT770 and is on the way, I'm looking for a portable amplifier to pair with them. I'm interested in ALO audio The National & JDS Labs C5. I would like to know which one is better if you had tired or have both. Thanks.
  3. zeppu08

    JDS Labs C5 amp + Cypher Labs Solo Rig

    Hi! Does anyone tried this combination together? Just need some inputs if this will be a good idea.. Hope someone could help me . Thanks!
  4. B

    WTB: JDS C5 amp

    WTB: JDS C5 amp
  5. weaksauce

    JDS C5 vs. ALO the National

    Hello all! I'm in the market for a portable headphone amp, and I've done a bit of research and am trying to decide between the JDS c5 and the ALO the National. I'm going to be using this thru my iPod classic 160gb and some NAD hp50s (ordered and on the way). I'm back and forth on which I should...
  6. B

    Micro USB (male) to Mini USB (male)

    Micro USB (male) to Mini USB (male)   I need this to connect my Galaxy S4 to my JDS Labs C5D dac/amp.  Where can I get a good one?
  7. mattya1989

    C5 Headphone Amplifier

    Can I use this JDS Labs C5 Headphone Amplifier with Fiio E18 for my Galaxy s4 ?
  8. lwells

    Replaced my TF10's with W4R's and I 'might' not be in love :shrug:

    Hello All,   My TF10's with a lune cable were destroyed a year ago.  I finally got around to replacing them.  I decided on the Westone 4R's.  Unfortunately I can only compare them to my memory of the TF10's.  I remember the TF10's being much more engaging and detailed.  Is there anything I can...
  9. zachdini

    Portable amp to use with Mad Dogs

    I just ordered a pair of Mad Dogs after trying them out yesterday and now I'm looking for a portable amp to go with them! I mainly listen to my iPhone/laptop as a source on the train or at my school library so portability is important. I'm looking at the $150 range but I could stretch it a...
  10. MattyB37

    JDS Labs C5D, C5 plus DAC!

    Just heard about this on Reddit and didn't see a thread here. I've been considering getting a DAC and an amp to use with my iPhone 5 and this looks perfect for the price ($249)   I emailed Jason from JDS and he says it DOES work with iPhone 5 (and other devices obviously), you do need a...
  11. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  12. O

    Best headphone/earphones for about £100 - £150

    Hi, i need some headphones or earphones for the price listed in the post title(about $150 - $220).   I mostly listen to music from the 80's such as Paul Simon and Nanci Griffith. i am driving it form my HTC one x and don't want an amp. they need to be portable to an extent but i don't really...
  13. jmcejuela

    SE535, good portable setup?

    I recently got a Shure SE535 (Special Edition) when I was in Hong Kong. It's my first truly high-end audio device. Before I had a Sennheiser HD 595.   The problem that I have with these earphones is that I can hear a very noticeable and annoying hiss when I connect them directly to an iPod...
  14. tothemax

    What to Buy Leckerton Audio UH-4 Vs. JDS Labs C-5

     First let me start out by saying that I know that the UH-4 is a amp/dac combo. That said, I don't know enough about how to read the specs of each unit to make an informed decision. Looking at the summary's  they both have digital volume control, bass boost ( C5 +6.5db@ 80 Hz) ( UH-4 2x gain...
  15. ostewart

    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

    INFO: http://www.jdslabs.com/products/70/c5-headphone-amplifier/ http://www.jdslabs.com/products/84/c5d-amplifier-dac/         JDS Labs C5 Review:   I would like to thank John for sending me this engineering sample of the C5 for me to review. I will write as honest review as possible...
  16. White Lotus

    Spotted in the wild: A WOODEN portable amplifier from Palaios.

    I was at an AV expo on the weekend, and I found this:           Unfortunately I didn't get to listen to it, but I'm pretty keen to give it a whirl within the next few weeks.   Felt decent in the hand, the pot turned well, didn't feel "cheap", and my little camera phone didn't...
  17. Marleybob217

    Looking for a portable amp with similar (or better) technicalities as the O2 amp

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a portable amp that has the same sound technicalities (or better) than the O2 amp.   I know the O2 officially is portable, but I'm looking for an amp to stack my DX50 on.  The JDS C5 forms a very nice stack with the DX50, but I'm not convinced about its...
  18. Lilsir64

    [Help!] Suggestions for Amp/Dac for the Alpha Dog

    I am wondering how much power the alpha dogs really need. What are your opinions on a JDS Labs ODAC and C5 rig?  My source would be my phone which is a HTC One. Any better options? Cheers! 
  19. zacheus

    Apple devices, moderate impedance (80ohm) headphones, a striving audiophile, and a boy.

    I'm looking to make a rig for 2 purposes   1.  for use with my 300 watt stereo system's output after being input through my mbpro.  (this stereo system is 13yrs old; nothing special)   2. for use with my iphone 4s/ipods   I have Urbanears Zinken headphones that are new.   I am looking to...
  20. MattiaFalsetti

    What's the best Portable Headphones Amp?

    I know that's a common question, but with a maximum of 300€ what's the best?
  21. darkwasim786

    Need help deciding on an amp ASAP!!!

    hi, all you lovely people out there...   I'm stuck in a dilemma here which is that i cant decide on which portable amplifier to buy. I currently own a pair of custom 1964 quads and a pair of denon d2000's...   love the sound of both these earphones...just want an amp to pair with them  ...
  22. ostewart

    Review: Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/Dolby converter

    Spider Surround Pro headphone amp/dolby surround decoder review Firstly i would like to thank Spider for sending me this amp to review, I will write as honest a review possible. This amp received over 50hrs of burn in, no changes were noted. Gear Used: IPod Classic 160gb (rockboxed) > Standard...
  23. dSmurf

    LG Optimus G Pro as a source or with amp???

    Can i use Lg optimus g pro as my main source ??? portable source i mean with flac files??? or should i need to add and amp??? im going to use CIEM and V-moda m100 with Fiio e17 or JDSlabs C5???
  24. Koopa989

    Anyone find some convenient cases for your amps?

    whats up headfi? ive been wanting to ask this. im going on a trip soon and i plan on taking my Leckerton 6smk2 and jds labs c5 but im concerned with keeping these things safe and scratch free. id like to know what i can use to store them in.
  25. chromicant

    ODAC Troubleshooting

    I currently have a JDS Labs C5 and ODAC combo. The amp & a Sansa Clip+ have been serving me very well on my travels. Now that I'm back in the office (a craptacular Dell laptop docking station setup), I'm moving back to my ODAC setup on Windows + Foobar 2000.   When I was setting things up the...