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  1. A

    how loud should my hd650 be able to reach

    hi guys i i own the hd650 and have it connected JDS LAB the element dac/amp and was wondering if anyone had the chance to measure the decibels when its on max volume high gain. even if some of you measured it on a schiit stack or o2/odac i would like to know
  2. VladMan333

    WTB: JDS Labs OLdac or Schiit modi 2 Uber

    Looking for one of these to match with my O2 for my at work setup. Let me know if you'd like to sell one of these! Thanks
  3. homzik

    [FS] [EU only] JDS Labs The Element

    Mint condition, full set, EU power adapter. First edition, so RCA works just as output and not auto input/output. No warranty. Shipping via FedEx Economy = 10 EUR. Payment via PayPal.
  4. pr0ggy


    Original owner, like-new condition, purchased directly from JDS online store. Black on black, optical and USB inputs. I baby all my gear, not a visible scratch on it. I'm not 100% sure if I have the original box, will have to dig around and see if I can find it. Regardless, it will be...
  5. Baten

    SOLD JDS Labs Objective 2 Amp (Custom)

    Customized Objective2 Amp: Custom - Gain, 1.0 and 3.5x Custom - RCA Inputs Custom - 1/4in (6.35mm) Headphone Jack instead of 3.5mm Custom - Rear Power Jack instead of front For sale due to upgrading to an Emotiva BasX. This O2 can drive pretty much anything besides the lowest of efficiency...
  6. audiorefinery

    Dac/Headphone Amp for Critical Listening

    Greetings Head-fiers!! I am using a pair of Oppo PM3s for mobile critical listening and mastering. I was looking a dac/headphone amp that has a smaller footprint but doesn't need to be "portable". I was curious about the following units: Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE JDS Labs El Dac & EL Amp Wyred4Sound...
  7. theotherjude

    4th Annual St. Louis Spring Meet (June 9, 2018)

    It's time for the fourth annual St. Louis Area Spring Head-Fi Meet! JDS Labs will once again be hosting the meet at our office across the river in Collinsville, IL. If you plan on attending, please post on the thread with any gear and shoot me a PM if you need table space so we can ensure the...
  8. anikalsi

    [SOLD] JDS Element

    Hi there, looking to sell my JDS Element amp/dac! Perfect condition, comes with all original accessories though the USB cable has some oxidation. Bought in Sept 2015 but it just sat on my desk for pretty much all this time which is why I'm thinking of getting rid of it. Price (negotiable) ...
  9. Tiazmat

    (SOLD) JDS Labs OL Dac (B-Stock)

    EDIT; SOLD I'm selling an OL Dac I bought from JDS Labs late last summer. The quirk about this unit is that it's backwards and upside down. What this means is: the front and back are flipped from each other, so when the front is right-side-up, the back will be upside down. Now, since you won't...
  10. SilverEars

    [SOLD] JDS Labs ODAC / O2 (Objective 2) DAC / Amp Combo

    For sale is the famous JDS Labs ODAC / O2 (Objective 2) DAC / Amp Combo
  11. SilverEars

    [SOLD] JDS Labs ODAC / O2 (Objective 2) DAC / Amp Combo

    For sale is the famous JDS Labs ODAC / O2 (Objective 2) DAC / Amp Combo
  12. ribosradagast


    Purchased this Dec 20, 2016 - so definitely has plenty of the transferable warranty left. Replaced it with a Woo Audio WA7, so it's not getting as much playtime as it deserves. My loss is your gain! It's b-stock, which I know is scary to some people, but it looks like what that means is that...
  13. jseaber

    Hi, I'm JDS

    Hello, everyone. My name is John, better known as JDS of JDS Labs. Big Jude graciously setup this blog over the weekend to serve as an outlet for my random posts and articles (new and old), which are currently scattered across the audio community. There's not much audio to see in this post, but...
  14. speedyd718

    JDS Labs C5D amp + DAC

    Selling my headphone amp. I know longer have any headphones, so it's just been sitting. I purchased it brand new from JDS in April 2016. So it's just over a year old, but was only used sparingly. Works flawlessly, and no battery issues. Comes with the box and charging cables. $125 shipped in the US
  15. Jmop

    JDS Labs C421 (AD8066) [price dropped]

    Good shape, some signs of use. No heavy scratches, dents, etc. Comes with FiiO L9 iPod dock connector, mini-USB cable, and ALO silver interconnect ($60 value). The ALO cable keeps the bass tight and is clear and detailed without adding harshness/grain, complementing this op amps similar...
  16. silvahr

    SOLD: JDS Labs C5 portable headphone amplifier

    Although it was purchased July 2016 (in Headsound.de), was very little used and is in mint condition. No signs of use without dents and scratches. Warranty in original store up to July 2018. Can send the invoice by PM. In original box and with original accessories. Includes JDS Labs ultra short...
  17. LuLuTheMonk

    SOLD: JDS Element

    SOLD Like new JDS Element for sale. Looking to get into a stax setup and have to many solid state amps. Comes in original box. $250
  18. ostewart

    JDS Labs EL / OL DAC Owners (AK4490EQ DAC's with filter switch)

    It seems these are heavily underappreciated DAC's, I own both. These are 2 pieces of equipment I bought straight after reviewing, the OL DAC is used for my main computer setup, and the EL DAC as the DAC for my Hifi system. I have soldered the DIP switches to my OL DAC, and have another DIP...