1. mark2410

    JAYS a-JAYS Five Review

    JAYS a-JAYS Five Review   Thanks to JAYS for the sample.       First Impressions:  Oh my god, I think there must be an abundance of stylist/engineers over in Sweden.  The packaging on these this are what I’ve come to expect from JAYS, by that I mean freaking amazing.  Oh god I hate you...
  2. keanex

    [Review] JAYS a-JAYS Five, a mildly v-shaped and detailed $100 iem

      Pros: Version for each mobile device, inline mic, durable, easy to place in ear, easy to drive, sound quality is great, great musicality, good level of detail, good positioning for an IEM. Cons: No cable cinch, fit can be sub-optimal, bass can be a bit boomy. Style: In-Ear Monitors Tonal...
  3. JAYS T00093 a-JAYS Five Earphones for Android - Black

    JAYS T00093 a-JAYS Five Earphones for Android - Black

    The a-JAYS Five for Android set a new standard for earphones. "Made for Android" devices with a full-feature three-button remote attached to a flat tangle-free cable, you can answer/end calls, play/pause/skip songs, and adjust volume levels/voice control. The soft and flexible yet durable...