1. maxvl

    new IEM's s-jays @ 30€ vs meelec m9 @ 25€ vs meelec m6 @ 39€

    Dear Head-fiers,   Previous post was waay too complicated.   I can buy the Jays s-jays for 35€ the meelec m9 for 25€ or the m6 for 39€. I'm wondering wther I should go for the jays since I like the quality of their package and comfort is for me maybe a bit more important than SQ...
  2. i_don't_know

    JAYS s-JAYS Siren Armature Earphones Review [big picture warning]

    Things to take note of: a) I'm still training my ears and b) Everyone hears things differently Therefore, YMMV. Enjoy the review! Almost two months ago (sorry for the delay Peter), I received a pair of s-JAYS in the mail to review. To be honest, after reading Martin's review...
  3. JAYS s-JAYS SIREN Armature In-Ear Earphones (Black)

    JAYS s-JAYS SIREN Armature In-Ear Earphones (Black)

    s-JAYS is one of the first in-ear earphones in the world to use the SIREN armature technology. Combined with a new customized sound tube design which opens up the soundstage, these new armatures deliver a roaring sound featuring JAYS most powerful bass system so far. Matched with colorful mids...