1. Koenieboy997

    Which mp3-player should I chose (cowon vs clip zip vs iPod nano vs ...)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a new mp3-player since my headphone jack of my iPod touch (2G) broke, but I simply can't chose between these models.   Sandisk Clip Zip: great player, but very small screen (and therefore bad navigation through songs). Creative Zen X-Fi 3: small, but...
  2. visanj

    New IEM to buy in Hamburg, Germany

    Hi   I came to Germany for a visit and I'm thinking to buy IEM here. I found a electronics shop (Saturn) which has many brands but not the one I was looking for   I currently have Brainwavz M2 and I am looking for IEMs with similar signature. I decided on Monster MDT but this store...
  3. paintedr3d


    I currently own a fiio e11 and was wondering would it be worth it to get a digital to analog amp? Does it really sound that much better? Because my current set up I'm very happy with but if it can get better I'm all for it I'm using the fiio e11 and sound magic hp100 and my iPod is the source...
  4. caableguy

    Power amp recomendation

    In looking to replace my D Zero. I just received my Weston's 4R. I'm looking for an amp upgrade for the Westone and my HD580's. Sources are my Note2, Rock Box Clip Zip, Nano and iPod touch. I was looking at the Leckerton but not sure. I get overwhelmed reading reviews and would appreciate some...
  5. ddan49

    A few rookie questions and a tentative budget setup for mp3 player

    So this setup will play music from an iPod, probably through an mp3 cable (through an auxiliary cable).    I've picked out the newer version of the Lepai (http://www.amazon.com/Version-Upgraded-LP-2020A-Amplifier-Shipping/dp/B00C2P61FO/ref=pd_cp_e_0) amp most people recommend (should I get the...
  6. goody

    ipod nano 5th 16gb

    in any condition..
  7. anthony81212

    30GB iPod Video (5th generation) [please read details]

    Hi everyone,   About the iPod: I originally bought this iPod from eBay. On the eBay advertisement, the seller said that the screen LCD did not have backlight (you can still read everything on the screen, but there is no backlight so it is hard to read the screen when it is dark).   I bought...
  8. Varley

    iPod Nano 6g 16GB Product Red

    ASelling my beloved iPod Nano as it has been gathering dust for the past few months, It has about 10 hours use max, since I have bought my Clip+ for holiday I haven't used my nano as much as I should, the reason mainly being that I don't use the same computer for my music at all times, so I...
  9. Anita

    IPOD Classic Sync problem

    Does anyone know how to sync my IPOD to my new laptop without losing all the stored music. My old laptop was stolen so I have no backup for the music I have stored?
  10. tnmike1

    Nano clipping?

    I think I'm beginning to hear clipping in my iPod Nano whether I use it amped or ampless.  Only certain tracks of certain CDs show this, but when it pops up it's horrible.  Oddly, big symphonies and orchestral doesn't seem to be affected--or I don't hear it.  What is affected are the small jazz...
  11. iPod Nano Headset Music Player

    iPod Nano Headset Music Player

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