1. J

    Apollo X6 as DAC/Headphone Amp for Audeze LCD-X's?

    Recently picked up a pair of Audeze LCD-Xs. Driving them with an Apollo X6. I mainly use the combination for production, but also want to expand and improve my casual listening the experience. The LCD-X's are 20 ohms. They don't require a ton of juice to drive and as far as I can tell they...
  2. C

    Want to split headphone signal from RME HDSPe AIO

    I have a PCIe RME HDSPe AIO card installed in my computer that I currently use to drive my headphones. I also own a pair of Denon AH-D5000's, and a pair of Audeze LCD-X's. I love both of them, but for different applications. Since I produce bass heavy EDM, I really like the boomy sound...
  3. mindblownDt48

    Spilled beer over soundcard, should i wash it?

    Yupp, tc electronic desktop konnekt 6, immediately shut down, should i open it as soon as possible, wash with mildly warm water? Can i screw it up? It has dac, headphone amp... What are the chances it will work after drying on its own? it was like a splash, from 0.5l beer can, i was fast but...
  4. I

    I need sound advice (pun intended)

    Sorry there's no TL;DR because there's just too much details to leave out IMO ): I apologise in advance for the long story, just thought I should flesh out the details so people can have a clear story of what I need. I have recently decided to replace an old & cheap Sades headset that has a...