ifi hip dac
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    ifi Hip-Dac or xDSD for DT 1990 Pro?

    good new year everyone. I am getting the DT 1990 Pro headphones soon and have been looking to get a portable dac/amp combo to pair with it and I am trying to decide between the ifi Hip-Dac and their xDSD. The source for music will be my iPhone with Tidal, so I’ve been looking at options that...
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    New audiophile & (Possible) first audiophile gear!

    Hello Guys, I am a new member in this amazing community. Although I am new here, I have been reading Head-Fi post for months and now, I decided to be part of that family! Also, I will start buying my first Audiophile Gear. I was thinking of Dragonfly Red or ifi hip dac + Final audio B2 or...