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    Using Apple usb-c DAC and hip-dac with Zec CAN instead of full DAC with pre-amp?

    Thinking of getting amp to get more power to my Sundara headphones than what my portable hip-dac can provide but skip on buying another DAC to save some money since I don't use often streaming source higher than 24/48khz.
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    Recommendations for me?

    Hello Head-Fi community, Recently I acquired an IFI HIP-DAC, and was using it with my 80OHM 70pro which has stopped working after 7 years usage My Music Tastes have changed since then towards Metal, Rock, And on occasion Electronic Music genres (House. Trap, DN) Its fair to say detailed and...
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    Duplicate post

    Posted a duplicate thread by accident please ignore this one https://www.head-fi.org/threads/recommendations-for-me.956516/ is the new post. Sorry for the mistake.
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    iFi audio hip-dac: The Tour!

    Hey, hey, hey , it's time for an iFi tour. New releases give us great excuses to get units out to you good people! The guideline for the hip-dac tour is fairly similar to previous tours, but there are a few changes to some we have done before so be sure to check out the entire post! Am I...
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    iFi audio hip-dac

    iFi hip-dac warms the soul with intoxicating sound With a sound as flavoursome and richly detailed as a delicious single malt, the hip-dac portable USB DAC/headphone amp delivers the perfect pick-me-up for any music lover on-the-go Southport, England – iFi adds to its award-winning range of...