1. Grimbles

    iFi ShootOut - xDSD, xCAN, Nano BL, Micro BL

    This is a ShootOut review of some of iFi's most recent line-up – namely the two black labels and the two new "x" products. Before I start however, I thought worth setting out a few ground rules and my method, followed by a dive into scoring. Slightly differently to normal, I have given my...
  2. Wannabenewton

    Fiio A5 Vs nano idsd LE(lighter edition)

    One is just a portable amp the other a DAC with an amp I know, I'm just not so sure a DAC is that necessary for a beginner like me but then there's no harm in getting one especially since A5 and idsd cost the same but then idsd le outputs 150mw at 32ohm and A5 gives 800mw at 32ohm. I am...
  3. iFi audio Pro iDSD - Standalone. Streamer. DacAmp

    iFi audio Pro iDSD - Standalone. Streamer. DacAmp

    iFi Audio Pro iDSD is a DAC, a headphone amp... and so much more! The Pro iDSD is a 'state of the art' reference digital to analog converter. lt is able to excel in many scenarios - as a wireless hi-res network player or the central DAC in an expensive high-end home system, to quote just two...
  4. IryxBRO

    Tempotec Serenade iDSD — desktop DAC&AMP

    Another interesting invention for us — TEMPOTEC Corporation that specializes on developing and manufacturing PC audio cards and recently focusing and shifting to home audio appliance field. Despite the fact that TEMPOTEC has more than two decades of history, we don’t see its products on the...
  5. notorious4163

    Desperately Need Help With Black Label iDSD Black Label

    Hey guys. Question about the black label iDSD micro. You guys are angels. Can someone explain? (EDM Mainly) Is the light supposed to turn solid green (not flashing) when you turn it on/when it’s on? (or is it supposed to be blue?) because mine turns green i’m also havingng trouble but mainly...