1. CareyPrice31

    Ordered a pair of SM3's

    Now I am looking for a portable amp, any recommendations? I'm looking at the Pico Slim and iBasso T3D? Any thoughts? Also, how do the custom earmolds work for Ear Sonics? Do I need to send them an impression?
  2. CareyPrice31

    Good portable amp for Ultrasone PRO 900?

    I decided to go with the Ultrasone PRO 900's   What would be a go portable amp for them that will drive them well? I'm looking at the Pico Slim, maybe the iBasso T3D? Are those good? If not, what recommendations?
  3. elzipitio69

    Audio Technica AT-PHA10 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    I wanted to buy this amp for my ATH-M50 headphones but I haven't seen any reviews for this product. Anybody have this amp or know if it is worth buying?
  4. Megalomaniac

    SMALL amp for $150

    I'm looking for a small amp that would go with the new iPod nano. I have around $150 to spend on it and it won't be powering more than a beyer T50p so it doesn't have to be super powerful. Any recommendations?
  5. g5tar

    earsonics sm3 w/ ibasso t3d, sensitivity?

    the earsonics SM3 are a bit too sensitive for hifiman hm-602, do you thinking going line-out into a t3d would eradicate this?
  6. jamato8

    P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

    I got a little bit of information about this amp. It will run at 12.6 volts and there will be a new op amp kit as it will be op amp rollable of course.    I am trying to find out more information.    Single or dual op amps   Room to stack buffers   Black or dull silver   Alps...
  7. Coupe

    Ultrasone portable closed and isolation.

    Currently I use the ATH-M50 in preparation for winter ear muffs   However, they do not isolate so well.  Particularly, with NYC subways.   I am very interested in the Ultrasone sound.  People have described it as GREAT for trance music.  I have searched for hours and cannot find consistent...
  8. CareyPrice31

    iBasso T3D for my IE8's

    Did I make a good choice?   I didn't want to spend more then what I spent.   Is it a good combo?
  9. Peetswee

    Fiio E7 with ath-m50?

    Hey guys, first of all I'm a complete noob.  At the moment I have a pair of m50s, and I'm interested in buying fiio e7.  Do you guys think there will be a very noticeable positive difference?  Oh, and I have portapros to use with it too.  At the moment I listen to flac out of my cheap laptop and...
  10. kcaccamise

    Can you recommend a ultra portable headphone amp?

    I am looking for an ultra portable headphone amp to use between my iphone and my headphones, currently PX200-II and HD25-1 II. I understand i will need to get a line out adapter.    Obviously sound quality is key but size and price are not far behind, in that order. I wouldn't want to go...
  11. ClieOS

    [Impression] Ultra-Protable: iBasso T3D and Linearossa W1 (lots of Pic!)

    For this impression, I am mainly using s:flo2 line-out listening to high bitrate mp3 or wma on Head-Direct RE0, Ortofon e-Q7, and Sherwood SE777. iBasso T3D Max Output: 120mW Stereo SNR -98dB Gain selectable: 0dB / +3dB / +8dB / + 10dB Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.0015% @ 1kHz/0dB...
  12. spickerish

    Amp for my setup? (Poll)

    Hi guys,   I am considering an amp (with LOD) for my portable setup. I have an iPod Touch 3g and a pair of Ety ER4P's. How much will my setup benefit from an amp? My second question is which amp fit my needs best: the iBasso T3, T4 or the Meier-Audio Headsix? These are my only options...
  13. DoTheMath

    iBasso T3D is available!?

    I have been checking their site about everyday looking to see if the info on the T3D was updated and it looks like it had been added to the product list. iBasso $135USD vs. $119 USD for the T3. Anyone have any additional insight on this - would love to add it to my Christmas list!!
  14. Hyperfluxe

    iBasso T3 vs T4 vs T3D

    I've made a decision and I'm going to get one of those tiny iBasso amps. They are the perfect size that I'm looking for, and a decent price. I don't know the difference between the 3 amps, so I'd like some opinions. I'm using the amp on a RE0 by the way. The RE0 lacks bass impact/power, and it...
  15. shawn1cai

    Arrow 12HE vs. T3D?

    Hey there. I have recently been suggested the Arrow and the T3D as portable amplifiers. I am rather inexperienced in this arena, and wondering what are the major differences between the two. How are the two rated? What makes the Arrow 70 USD more expensive than the T3D at MSRP rates? Any...
  16. CareyPrice31

    iBasso T3D

    What do these two switches do?: 'Gain 1' and 'Gain 2'?
  17. MorbidToaster

    Headstage Arrow vs T3(D) - Which to buy?

    I've been looking and I can't seem to find a comparison anywhere. I've heard large praise for both, but I'm only going to buy one. Which do you all recommend? I like the SIZE of the Arrow better, but how is the quality compared to the T3. They are in different price ranges, but that doesn't...
  18. swbf2cheater

    Will a T3/T4 even make a difference with a sansa fuze?

    would it make a difference with a sansa fuze at all and some pk1s
  19. cruizin caleb

    Is the uDAC sufficient to drive most high-end IEMs?

    Is the uDAC sufficient enough of an amp+source to drive most high-end IEMs? (i.e. westone es1, westone es2, westone es3, JH____ , Ultimate Ears ___ , LiveWires, etc...)   Edit: I own the uDac... 
  20. MPSchenck

    s:flo2 LO > Cardas IC > iBasso T3D > ???

    Ok so I gave my last iPod away a while back can kind of been putting off looking for something else. After researching here I quickly bought an s:flo2 16gb, which I haven't listened to yet, and got a good deal on an iBasso T3D.  I got the 6" Cardas 3.5 mini-to-mini interconnect coming from...
  21. usf09

    T3 vs Mini3

      Sooo, I was originally waiting for the D4 so I could listen to music out of my laptop, but I decided for portable use, I'd rather have the Fuze>LOD>portable amp>DBA-02...   So, really the question is simply which would be better, the T3 or Mini3...I was considering the D2 Boa, but doubt...
  22. 2rooi123

    new to portable amps

    my budget is $50-150 im interested in fiio e7 and ibasso t3/t3d which has better sq and build quality? thanks
  23. Sibling Chris

    ordering ibasso in UK?

    Hi all I've been eye-ing up an ibasso t3d to use with my ipod touch It appears I can order directly from ibasso web site, but wondered if anyone else in the UK had done this and what the total cost ended up as taking into account delivery cost and potentially any tax and customs charges...
  24. neozengar

    Need sub $120 portable amp recommandation

    Currently, I have the rockboxed clip (v2) with re0.  I was wondering would spending around 100 on a portable amp be a good investment? Would I notice much different? I was looking at amp like the fiio e7, linearossa w1 etc. Would I be better off buying a new headphone for 120? Thanks!
  25. debo1978

    What is the best portable amp for UE 11 Pro!!!

    I use my in-ear monitors to listen to my iphon as well as when playing the drums.  I listen to Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, & Funk.  What would give me the best biggest neutral sound for these gendre of music.  An option for whatever price and another for $100 and under.