1. altaxc

    IEM's that pair well with ibasso dac/amp

    First of all, thanks so much for the advice in the last thread.  That really helped me in my decision.  So, I decided to spring for an ibasso D6 dac/amp and now need some help deciding on a pair of IEM's to use with it. My criteria is that I want something that I can buy used on the for sale...
  2. altaxc

    Ibasso D6

    For sale is an Ibasso D6 Fer-De-Lance.  I have all original packaging and materials.  Can include pics if asked for, and will probably include some tomorrow once I get them taken. It has been kept in pristine condition.  Only selling because I need some cash for more audio equipment.  Overall...
  3. Balazska26

    WTB: Portable DAC/amp (iBasso D6/other USB powered or battery product)

    Want to buy some of these portable stuff.   Mainly in Europe! I'm willing to spend 200 USD and shipping!   Hit me with your offers please!
  4. Thumpp

    ibasso P4 or D6 For Use With High-End DJ Mixer and Ultrasone Pro 900

    Hey Guys,   I'm in the market for some new headphones, strictly for use with bass-heavy Electronic Dance Music so the Ultrasone Pro 900s look like a good solution.  From what I have read, these headphones will benefit from an amp but I'm not sure if an amp or an amp and DAC will make much of...
  5. RugbyPlayer

    Where to buy ibasso d6?

    Im trying to purchase the ibasso d6 from ibasso.com but paypal is not going through. I contacted paypal and they said it isn't on their end they aren't declining the purchase.   So it is something with the ibasso website. Where else is a trusted seller that I can purchase the ibasso d6 from?
  6. zdkaiser

    Foobar and Ibasso D6 Dac glitching/skipping sound

    Hey ya'll,   I am trying to use Foobar with my Ibasso D6 DAC, but foobar keeps glitching and the sound skips momentarily. It is really annoying. I have tried to adjust the buffer in Foobar and that doesn't help. It is actually better at the default 1000ms than when you increase the buffer...
  7. Kouzelna

    * Design Acoustics D-6 Vintage Speakers * $200 * w/ FREE GEAR!

      * Design Acoustics D-6 Vintage Speakers *   Great Condition!   Prefer local pickup, San Diego/LA area.     Plus take this FREE gear with the sale:   JVC TD-207 quality dual-cassette deck   Pioneer PD-M40 6-disc CD player w/ 3 Cartridges   Hi, I'm in San...
  8. Szadzik

    FS: iBasso D6 Fer-de Lance + TopKit (UK/EU) Price Drop

    For sale is my iBasso D6 amp/ DAC. I got it from iBasso 50 days ago. I have all accessories and TopKit I got from HiFlight. The kit includes OPA1611x2, dummy buffers and two single opamps.   The amp is in perfect working condition. It has one of the screews is broken - nothing that owuld...
  9. MrScary

    Ibasso D6 Almost brand new

    For Sale Ibasso D6 almost brand new comes with charger and AD797 Opamps installed 180.00 + shipping I have over extended myself with the DAC I just bought so this has to go
  10. rhymer2k

    WTB: Ibasso D6 or Audio gd-nfb 12

    Hello, i would like to buy either the ibasso D6 or audio gd-nfb 12. So anyone looking to sell should hit me up. I live in the Uk so perhaps easier for Uk or EU residents. Thanks
  11. oldmate

    iBasso D6 Power Supply

    G'Day All,   My iBasso D6 arrived today along with a refurbished iPod 5.5g and LOD Cable.   The power supply that came with the amp does comply with Australian power requirements ie 100-240v 50/60Hz (230v 50Hz) but the pins are straight not at an angle so I cannot plug it in - damn!!  ...
  12. welchie

    Best Op Amp upgrade for iBasso D6?

    I know Top Flite is where to look but I can't find HiFlight's page. Any assistance would helpful, Thanks !!  
  13. tattoou2

    iBasso D6 Black - New

    Within the past week I purchased both this D6 and a CEntrance DACPort.  I have decided to keep the DACPort since I prefer its synergy with my Denons and Shures.  This D6 is absolutely as new, in pristine condition with perhaps no more than five hours of burn-in.  Paid $297 including shipping...
  14. Mdraluck23

    iBasso D6 with Topkit. ANOTHER Price Drop!.. AND ANOTHER!

    I added a ton of pictures, so as you can see both are in excellent condition. HD600 works beautifully, it just doesn't get enough use. I'm selling the D6 because it's a bit of overkill for my HF5's. It's a really good combination, and because the D6 is portable, you can use it anywhere in your...
  15. FuzzyD

    iBasso D6 Fer de Lance Amp/DAC

    Selling my iBasso D6 which is in perfect condition. Includes everything shown (HiFlight's D6 topkit for rolling, AC cable, USB cable, leather pouch, extra screws, screwdriver, and warranty card) plus the box.    It performs and looks beautiful! Price is $210 US and that includes US shipping...
  16. skip129

    iBasso D6: Does it work well with ASIO4ALL?

    Has anyone tried the iBasso D6 with the ASIO4ALL driver? If it does work, how small can you make the ASIO buffer? I'd probably need 256 samples or less @44.1kHz.   Thanks, Greg.
  17. Gclef

    iBasso D6 Volume Impression...where's the beef?

    I was expecting this amp to generate more power than "I think" it does.  I'm using DT 770/80 cans.  The volume WITH the gain switch on is at a fairly loud (enjoyable) level in the 2 to 3 o'clock position, and at it's max (5 o'clock) position, it's slightly uncomfortable - yet tolerable.   Does...
  18. welchie

    iBasso D6 with Top Flight kit

    Hi I'm selling my 1st owned slightly used iBasso D6 amp/dac including it's Top Flight kit for $215.00 with Free Shipping to CONUS. International pm for shipping costs. I accept paypal only and will only ship to a Paypal verified address. Thanks !
  19. amham

    iBasso D6

    For Sale:  Very nice condition Silver iBasso D6 with original accessories and TopKit.  100% guaranteed working condition. 225.00 plus PP/shipping or Best Offer.  See iBasso for all details.
  20. catchedge

    WTT: NuForce HDP for iBasso D6 + TopFlight

    Exactly what the title says.  Would be iBasso plus some additional funds for the trade.
  21. Chezzy79

    iBasso D6 as a standalone DAC? How does it stack up against others?

    I have the D6 and wondering how it stacks up against standalone DAC's in the same price range.  I want to get either the HD650 or K702 along with a good tube amp and want to use the D6 as a standalone DAC, between my laptop and the tube amp.  But will it get the job done adequately?    
  22. Chezzy79

    iBasso D6 with HiFlight Topkit or NuForce HDP?

    I have the D6 and just ordered the topkit from HiFlight.  But the trade offer with a NuForce HDP (for D6 plus $110) came up and have trouble deciding between the two.     Currently I have a pair of Westone 4, but I plan on purchasing a full-sized can, probably something like the LCD-2, T1...
  23. Chezzy79

    Will going to Nuforce HDP from iBasso D6 help improve the SQ with HD650?

    So I have an iBasso D6 with hiflight's opamp and high output buffer installed.  With/Without gains, it can drive my HD650 to a level that is too loud for my ears at around 2/4 o' clock , which I think leaves a little power to spare. Also, hiflight has told me that D6 drives his DT880 Dragon...
  24. bocur

    Ibasso D6 Power adapter Specs?

    Hi; I have Ibasso d6 but, I don't have its power adapter. If anyone use this amp with original adapter, please tell me adapter specs.Ineed to buy same or similar power adapter.   Thanks.