1. jpalenzuela

    iBasso D42 mamba HELP!

    Hello everyone, I have been really interested into getting a DAC/AMP combo to improve the sound expirience on my grado SR80i headphones and possibly other headphones like HD600 and SR325i that i will upgrade in near future. There is not much information about the D42 by iBasso, it looks like its...
  2. jpalenzuela

    My First DAC/amp. Need advice

    Hi everyone! I recieved my Grado SR80i's 4 months ago, these are my first pair of real HiFi headphones, Im loving the grado sound signature. Now I am planning to get a DAC/AMP combo to improve the sound experience. (I mostly listen to 16 bit FLACs) This device has to be good enough to drive...
  3. jpalenzuela

    iBasso D42 vs Schiit Magni/Modi

    Hello everyone, I am searching for my first amp/DAC. It's for my grados SR80s, I will upgrade to Alessandro MS2i soon. There is not much information about this ibasso model, but I plan to buy it with Hiflight OPAMP to add some warmth. Or maybe buy the Schiit stack which has very good reputation...
  4. ffdpmaggot

    HUD mx1 vs. ibasso d4 vs. HRT music streamer II

    I have refined my choices for a DAC down to three options for now, the iBass d4, the hud mx1, and the HRT music streamer II, all of which cost around 200 dollars, how do these compare to each other, and does anyone have recommendations in this price range? If there was a DAc in this range that...
  5. nyjets28

    ibasso D4 mamba or leckerton uha-4

    i've been looking into getting a portable amp that could also be used as a dac for my laptop when i need. i know there's a lot of good things about the uha-4 that i've read - and it seems to be popular choice right now (or maybe it has been - i just haven't been paying much attention to it). but...
  6. MilesDavis2

    Ibasso Mamba D4 Appreciation Thread

    Just got this a month ago.  Right out the box, the sound had that "WOW" factor.  It is detailed and crisp.  With HiFlight's topkit, it even open up more and had more "WOW" into it.  This morning while taking my train commute listening to Kenny Burrell with my ipod classic and a Ray Samuels LOD...
  7. FLCL

    iBasso D4 problem

    The right channel suddenly died out of no where, and the left channel only barely comes in if the gain switch is off(when it's on it dies). It sounds like your car radio does when it is between 2 stations that are fighting each other and one is a talk show and one is music with some static...
  8. throzen0303

    iBasso D2+ Boa vs D4 Mamba [Amp ONLY]

    I have been reading many posts about the D4 being a really good bang for the buck. But the battery life (9hours) is pretty low, won't make it through a longer plane ride... I spot on the D2+ Boa, which uses the same TI PCM2706 Chip, does it mean, the D2+ Boa will sound just as good as the...
  9. tiobilli

    Hifiman EF2 vs Ibasso d4 for Grado

    Dear sr, I'm planning buying a grado, maybe sr80. I want to amp (and DAC) them. Which amb is best suitable for the grados? I don't need portability. My sources will be: - Ipod touch - Spotify + Macbook Air Thank you :)
  10. Greeink

    D4 'Mamba' DAC - Issues

    Fellow Headfier's,   Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area, if not, moderators please feel free to move this. Anyways..I'm having some sort of problem with my D4 Mamba, just this very moment I've been using my Mamba DAC, while watching a movie. I was using my Beyers, when suddenly the...
  11. Ni3tzsch3

    iBasso D4 Mamba USB fault?

    Hey guys,      Recently, I have been looking into portable amps around the $150~200 price range for my Triple.fi.10 and laptop. Reading reviews (mainly from skylab) and some other people who have the same headphones, the iBasso D4 mamba seems very promising (along with their T3 which I...
  12. Roan3489

    Fiio E17 or IBasso D4 for HD 600 & Shure SE 535 (or other comparable products)

    I am looking to get a portable DAC/Amp for use with a pair of Sennheiser HD 600's & Shure SE 535 . I have read some great reviews on both the IBasso D4 and the Fiio E17 Alpen. I was wondering which would provide a better overall sound (or other product you might recommend i.e. RSA P-51). I would...
  13. losteden

    USB DAC ~£200 to beat iBasso D4 Mamba?

    I currently use an iBasso D4 Mamba (with HiFlight topkit) as a DAC at home for my hifi setup & at work as a DAC+amp for my headphones, taking it to & from work each day. I want to invest in a 'desktop' (eg non-portable) DAC to leave at home & that way I can leave the Mamba at work & never again...
  14. freakhistorian

    iBasso D4 and OPA2228/Dual Channel

    Hi all,   I am thinking of rolling the D4's opamps to experiment a little. I have a dual-channel OPA2228 opamp in my CMOY. Can I use that as the amplifier chip in the iBasso D4, with stock buffers? Would that blow the system/sensitive iems like the TF10?   If that won't work, any buffers...
  15. D

    Am I expecting too much from iBasso D4?

    Since I'm finding more time to listen to music, I have been trying to gear up to listen my Mac. I ordered a set of UE RM and iBasso D4 (i know... but I was short on buget after RM and the DAC review of D4 was pretty good).   UE RM will take another 2 weeks... darn it. Today I received...
  16. D

    DAC/Amp: iBasso D4 vs Pico vs Predator

    I just bought D4 and I'm not happy with it. the sound through DAC is just not up to my expectation. I wonder if anyone had a chance to listen to D4 and then either Pico or Predator through DAC. I'm thinking about selling D4 and moving to either amp. can anyone shed some light/insight on...
  17. gamer-33


  18. jmarsiglio

    Static sound from D4 Mamba (DAC?)

    Hey,   When I play audio, there is a slight static sound that is audible. When I pause the music it continues for 5-10 seconds, and resumes once I continue the music. Is this normal? I'm not really bothered about it as it only is audible at loud volumes, and then my music overpowers it...
  19. Bossatiger

    GR07 + D4 Mamba + iPod

    iPod Classic 160gb (2nd rev) > iBasso D4 "Mamba" > VSonic GR07 I approve of the combo's synergy and performance. VSonic really needed a boost from the D4 Mamba (even if easy to drive). iPod headphone out jack is absolutely terrible - flattens soundstage, bass rolloff, slightly harsh highs with...
  20. D

    I ordered an iBasso D4, but I still haven't heard back from them!!!

    I ordered a D4 from their website and sent payment. Yet nothing from them? not even an order confirmation? is this normal with iBasso? Did anyone who ordered from them received a confirmation after placing the order?
  21. rG-tom

    Combined portable amp and dac: Anything better than E17?

    Hey,   I am looking for a portable combined headphone amp and usb dac, is there anything that betters the E17 without going crazy money? Can get the E17 for about £85 brand new now.   Was considering a Xonar STX but it would then restrict me to one source, where as i can use the E17 as a...
  22. BBEG

    Advice needed for portable DAC + Amps

    I'm trying to compile a list of available portable DAC+amp devices to see which of them would best suit me and my needs. Right now my only real criteria is < $300; I know there are some well-loved DAC+amps out there but I just can't spend $400+ on an Emmeline kit. Here's what I have right now...
  23. racing2khaos

    Want a new amp/dac!

    I currently run a ibasso d4 mamba and a denon d2k. Mainly i use the amp/dac on my desktop, and sometimes i use it while i use my laptop. So i think portable is a good thing.   I want to upgrade my headphones down the road but i still like my D2000, my issue is with the mamba, it create...
  24. dimmockg

    New amp dilema for iphone 4 & sennheiser

    I wondered if anybody could assist in me choosing a new portable amplifier???   My set up:   Iphone4 (not s) - music is lossless or 320kbp's, dance, pop, etc   Sennheiser hd 25 1 ii's - stock cable   LOD - silver plated copper   I did (until last week) have the fiio e11...
  25. jmarsiglio

    D4 Mamba used as Amp only + soundcard (Asus xonar DG)

    Hey,    I am trying to figure out how to get the Mamba to be plugged into my computer via USB and only act as an amp for my soundcard. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm male-male cable connects the soundcard line out to the D4 line-in, and the headphones are connected to the Headphone input. However it is...