1. MooTaters

    Need replacement power cable for I-trigue L3800

    A while back my I-trigue L3800 stopped working.  The only way to get them working now is to hold(/push) the cord into the AC adapter.  I've sent Creative an email about it and they obviously copy pasted something saying all parts come as a set, so they'd be unable to sell me a power cable.  I'd...
  2. I-trigue L3800 (eps Compliant) (eng/fr)

    I-trigue L3800 (eps Compliant) (eng/fr)

    The I-Trigue L3800 has the most exquisite design available with authentic brushed aluminum finish, the most advanced audio technology like LFT technology and speaker bi amplification for more accurate, detailed sound with maximum effiicency, and an an IR remote making it the most feature rich...