hyla audio
  1. ElecHires

    [CLOSED] ⭐️Hyla Sarda⭐️

    Hello I want to sale my Hyla Sarda, because i really prefer my IER Z1R. the set have been use like 1 hours just to test it, so no longer on blisters. if you have any questions pm me. The price is all in.
  2. greytomorrow


    I'm looking for a pair of Hyla TE5T. It's OK for me either buy it or trade for quite rare Jomo 6R in universal shells. Thanks in advance! :)
  3. vaguely

    Hyla Te-5b f/s by only owner SOLD

    Hi all, i've gotten some great advice on these forums and it seems I've gotten to the point where I have to sell my Hyla's Ideally want 1100usd but may take offers and accept iem trades to take up to 400 off I'll be out with my son for the next few hours but can provide pictures soon, they've...
  4. lithiumnk

    HYLA TE 5T rare iem- SOLD

    ###SOLD### Hyla TE5T Trihybrid iem- 1 DD, 2 BA, 1 piezoelectric driver One of the best iem for classical, opera, female vocal jazz. The speed, transients & transparency are on TOTL level. This is a specialist & rare iem. Original box & all accessories available. Extra set of eartips also...
  5. Hyla Audio TE-5B

    Hyla Audio TE-5B

    HYLA original Trident Engine (TE) inside. 20Hz-45kHz wide frequency response. High grade hand made silver plated PCOCC cable. Original nylon soft case Collaborated with Vannuys Japan.