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    Chord hugo 2, second owner, runs and sounds great! Comes with box and original accessories, remote, cables ect Holds charge great! Paypal and shipping on me.
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  9. Mediahound

    FS: Chord Hugo 2 Premium Leather Van Nuys Case

    Chord Hugo 2 Premium Leather Van Nuys Case, Like New. Chord authorized retailers such as Bloom Audio sell this for $189.: Selling for $100 Credit cards accepted with...
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  11. electrathecat

    IC: Black Chord Hugo 2 in mint condition SOLD

    Due to getting a pricey new car recently (just before the pandemic hit so great timing :xf_rolleyes:), I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in or my wife will force me to self-quarantine on the couch for the next 12 to 18 months. My loss is...
  12. Benz-Fi

    WTB: Chord Hugo or Hugo 2 at a good price!

    Title says it all... Will be customizing a hugo for my needs and looking for a good condition used Hugo 1 or 2 at a good price. Have plenty available for trades as well. Please DM me your offer. Thanks!
  13. alexl993

    WTB: Chord Hugo 2 or Qutest DAC

    Looking for a Hugo2 or Qutest Must be: -in like new condition -black anodized (preferred) -all original paperwork and accessories included -willing to ship to U.S. Thanks for looking!
  14. ThomasHK

    FS: Hugo 2 Black (with Valentinum case)

    Selling my as new H2. It's my second unit, first one had a manufacturing error, this one is brand new pretty much. Selling it cause I can't warrant keeping it, new hobby is taking up more time/money :triportsad: Perhaps 20 hours on the clock. Free Valentinum case included. Buyer pays asking...
  15. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Case for Chord Hugo 2 - New!

    I have this nice soft leather like case for the Chord Hugo 2 that I bought and never used before selling my Hugo 2 so it's brand new. Fits the Hugo2 and cables or even IEMs. It's a zip case with compartments inside for cables, etc. It's not an expensive case, but seems high quality and fits...
  16. aj05hi

    Chord Hugo v2 (Black) with Portaphile NOK amp in Mint condition

    Hi I have the excellent Chord Hugo v2 and the small but mighty Portaphile NOK (original not micro) amp for sale. Also included is the case (for Hugo) by valentinum. All packaging for Hugo including all accessories are present. Original Chord wall charger is missing from the photo but will be...
  17. Currawong

    Chord 2Go & 2Yu Wired/Wireless Network streamer and S/PDIF adaptor - Official thread

    As shown at the beginning of the Head-Fi 2020 CanJam New York video, Chord's long awaited 2Go is not only a wireless streaming adaptor for the Hugo 2, but also includes a wired ethernet socket for people who want to use it where they have a Hugo 2 fixed in place. Anticipating the desire for...
  18. DrumSeb

    Cayin N6ii A01+T01

    Cayin N6ii in perfect condition come with module A01 and T01. Original box, and accessories.. The player is about 8 months old. Sale or trade for another player like Sony Wm1z, ibasso Dx220, Hugo 2. I want to try something else that will pair better for my Legend X. Thanks
  19. BPED

    FS: 1480 euros for Chord Hugo 2 & free USB Audioquest Carbon cable!

    Hello, I sell my Chord Hugo2 in perfect conditions, the battery has been hardly used as I had it in my stationary system. I bought it new in august 2018, it is still covered by the Chord 3-year warranty. I sell it for 1480 euro , shipping to Europe included. Paypal and transfer possible...
  20. BPED

    [SOLD] Chord Hugo 2 + USB Audioquest Carbon

    Hello, I sell my Chord Hugo2 in perfect conditions, the battery has been hardly used as I had it in my stationary system.
  21. ceeloChamp

    DAP most similar to Hugo 2

    Hey Everyone! I have always been a huge fan of the Hugo 2, it is probably one of my favorite, if not my very favorite source. I am looking for a DAP that can stream music and store for offline mode, one with a quick interface and one that most importantly has the SQ similar to the Hugo 2 and...
  22. SammYyYyY

    SOLD: Chord Hugo 2 w/ Brand New Batteries, Valentinum Case, and iPhone Camera Connection Kit Dongle

    For sale today is my Chord Electronics Hugo 2. The batteries and main-board were just barely replaced under warranty by George Meyer AV (an authorized Chord service center). The condition of the unit is excellent, and since the batteries and main-board were just replaced the unit is functionally...
  23. EndGameSearch

    Sold - Chord Hugo 2 in Silver

    I am the first owner of this fantastic DAC/AMP. In my view, Chord makes the very best DACs. I own a TT2, DAVE and this Hugo 2 which served my mobile needs. It is in perfect working order with only minor signs of wear and tear. Fortunately I'm traveling less now and Hugo 2 has gone unused for...
  24. V

    For Trade: Chord Hugo2 (silver) to HugoTT2 (Silver)

    Hello, I would like to trade mine Pristine condition full box Hugo2 to a silver Hugo TT2. Europe only. If interested, PM me we will discuss everything. Regards Vytautas