1. Guysakar

    Help me set up motorcycle helmet. Please :-)

    Simply put, I want to stream music from an Android based smartphone to my helmet.   I'm thinking of going with an HTC One + Plus, as I can get one fairly inexpensive ($200-$250) on eBay. I wanted to go with the S3 because of its known sound quality, but it only has a 210 Lux screen, thus while...
  2. Yummerzzz

    Sennheiser HD 598's or AT ATH-AD900's - Huge Genre Variety

    Hello, this is my first post (and to be honest, I'm not sure if this is the right section, I wasn't sure if the banner for recommendations and whatnot was the right place to ask this, so bear with me please) and I'd like to ask a question about these headphones, or maybe other in this price...
  3. JohannLiebert

    Any chinese Smartphones with decent SQ?

    Hello, looking for chinese smartphones with decent SQ. Most impress with their specs for the price. Unfortunately can't find any informatoin about their SQ or DAC's... atleast not in english. I know about the vivo x1 and meizu MX, but I am looking for cheaper alternatives.
  4. Herky151

    Opinion About The Droid DNA (and HTC in general) with Beats Audio

    Well the Droid DNA came out the other day and I am contemplating getting it for my next phone. I usually don't use my phones for music, but I thought I would ask how the beats audio is in HTC phones. They claim the amplifier in the phone will put out a peak of 2.55V (they didn't specify if it...
  5. chocomel

    Iphone vs HTC One X

    Hi, I at the moment have an ipod touch which I use to listen music to. Is there a difference between a Iphone/Ipod touch/ Htc One X audio? Or it's all similar and there is no real difference? I'm planning on buying the HTC One X+ and also using it as mp3 player, but would be lame if the...
  6. Assuredthronee

    best smart phone for music (no apple)

    what is the best smart phone for music like quality wise and options wise? thanks would love to hear back!
  7. mrs1986

    HTC One X vs other cheap players?

    Hi,   I was just looking for a pair of IEMs, I have a Htc one x as a player, but i might go for another like the sansa fuze or clip, there are some refurbished like the sansa fuze+ for 23 dolars, should i buy one of these? Or i should stay with the One x.   I read the One x is not that great...
  8. alfish

    HTC One X with USB DAC?

    After waiting patiently for Jelly Bean to be released for my AT&T HTC One X, it was with great anticipation that I downloaded the update yesterday.  Supposedly Jelly Bean would enable USB sound, allowing me to connect to my Ray Samuels Predator DAC via USB rather than line out.  However, I still...
  9. HTC One X with Beats Audio Unlocked GSM Android SmartPhone - (Grey)

    HTC One X with Beats Audio Unlocked GSM Android SmartPhone - (Grey)

    HTC ONE X IN GREY COLOR UNLOCKED GSM + STANDARD ACCESSORIES + FULLY BOXED. This device is compatible with 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and/or 3G HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 networks world wide.