1. cycloverid

    Fuzzy audio with Amp + Soundcard

    This is what I'm using:   hp:  Beyerdynamic DT770(250ohm), DT880(250ohm), Sennheiser HD280 amp:  Fiio E09k  soundcard: HT|Omega eClaro      Amp + Any Headphones into eClaro: -------------------------- When my PC volume is at 100%, I get a slight fuzzy/grainy sound on certain...
  2. Zarkas

    Amplified Headphone output + Desktop amp

    Hi, I am new to this community and i apologize in advance for 2 things : I might be asking a question that has been asked before and english is not my native language :)   I have a question about computer audio regarding the connection of an amp to my soundcard.   I purchased an eClaro...
  3. Abula

    Need help deciding on a Soundcard, between Asus ASUS Xonar DSX and HT OMEGA eCLARO

    I finished a haswell build and to my misfortune im having issues with the included Realtek 1150, in the past i had nightmares with Creative and their drivers, to the point that on my PC i use only realtek and accepted the worst sound for stability.  But im willing to go into a dedicated sound...
  4. HT OMEGA eCLARO 7.1 Channel PCI Express x1 Sound Card

    HT OMEGA eCLARO 7.1 Channel PCI Express x1 Sound Card

    The eClaro supports up to 8ch analog and optical digital output onboard. Features include Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Headphone, DDL, DTS:NeoPC, and bass management. Front Panel Audio and headphone output are enhanced through high fidelity stereo headphone driver by buffer circuit. User...