1. Lurk650

    NiceHCK HK6 (ChiFi 6BA)

    Quick sale to fund another purchase. Only about a month old. VE MassDrop Midnight Blue cable. Uses MMCX. Haven't used in quite a while. Imaging and depth are excellent, forward lower mids but still retains clarity and balance due to an extended top end. 48 States only. Will ship USPS fast.
  2. SilverLodestar

    WTS: NiceHck HK6 (6BA IEM)

    Selling my lightly-used NiceHck HK6 IEMs that I bought not too long ago. I found them a tad too mid-bassy for me, otherwise they sound great. They come with all the accessories (eartips, cable clip, case) and the cable is optional. With cable: $200 Without cable: $170 Or PM me with any...